Dying Husband Left Her the House and Car, but Forgot the Apple Password 1

Dying Husband Left Her the House and Car, but Forgot the Apple Password

February 22, 2016 PTdrivers 0

Home | Mobiles | Mobiles Features Dying Husband Left Her the House and Car, but Forgot the Apple Password Yanan Wang, The Washington Post , 21 January 2016 After Peggy Bush's husband, David, succumbed to lung cancer last August, she liked to play card games on their iPad to pass the time. The 72-year-old resident of Victoria, Canada, was on an app one day when it suddenly stopped working, and she was unable to reload the device without providing a password for their Apple ID account.
Bush's husband never told her the password, and she hadn't thought to ask. Unlike so many of the things David had left for Bush in his will – car ownership, the title of the house, basically everything he owned – this digital asset followed him to the grave.
According to reporting by the Canadian Broadcasting Channel, the journey to procure the password proved more difficult than any other process involved in David's passing.
“I thought it was ridiculous,” Bush told CBC. “I could get th..

MWC 2016: Samsung, LG Improve Smartphone Cameras, Turn to Virtual Reality 2

MWC 2016: Samsung, LG Improve Smartphone Cameras, Turn to Virtual Reality

February 22, 2016 PTdrivers 0

South Korean tech giants Samsung Electronics and LG unveiled Sunday new smartphones with better cameras and turned to virtual reality to boost interest in their headsets at a time of slowing sales.
Samsung launched two versions of its flagship phone, the flat screen Galaxy S7 and the curved screen Galaxy S7 Edge, with cameras that can take better pictures under low-light conditions.
The company, the world's number one smartphone maker, also debuted its first 360 degree camera, the Gear 360, in Barcelona where the mobile industry is gathered for the start of the Mobile World Congress on Monday, in its latest attempt to remain ahead of Apple.
The camera is designed to make it easy to take all-around photos and videos that can be uploaded to Facebook and YouTube, or viewed as immersive experiences on Samsung's virtual reality Gear VR headsets which went on sale in November.
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“User generated 360 degree photos..

Flipkart Republic Day Sale: What's on Offer 3

Flipkart Republic Day Sale: What’s on Offer

February 19, 2016 PTdrivers 0

Home | Mobiles | Mobiles Features Flipkart Republic Day Sale: What's on Offer by Gadgets 360 Staff , 21 January 2016 Flipkart on Wednesday kick-started its Republic Day Sale period by offering deals and discounts on mobile handsets, television sets, tablets, and laptops. The three-day sale, which lasts from Wednesday through Friday, also includes offers on accessories such as headphones, microSD cards, and more. Note that some deals may be app-only, which means you will need to use the Flipkart app to make use of the offers.

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In the mobile section, the Flipkart Republic Day Sale besides offering exchange offers with up to Rs. 20,000 off on the purchase of a new mobile, also offers flat Rs. 500, Rs. 3,500, Rs, and 3,000 off on Lenovo K3 Note, Nexus 6P, and Moto X Style respectively. Other smartphones that are being sold on discounts as a part of the Republic Day sale include Asus ZenFone 2 series, Xiaomi Red..

Meet the Man Who Holds the Future of the Internet in His Hands 4

Meet the Man Who Holds the Future of the Internet in His Hands

February 22, 2016 PTdrivers 0

It took years for the Internet to reach its first 100 computers. Today, 100 new ones join each second. And running deep within the silicon souls of most of these machines is the work of a technical wizard of remarkable power, a man described as a genius and a bully, a spiritual leader and a benevolent dictator.
Linus Torvalds – who in person could be mistaken for just another a paunchy, middle-aged suburban dad who happens to have a curiously large collection of stuffed penguin dolls – looms over the future of computing much as Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs loom over its past and present. For Linux, the operating system that Torvalds created and named after himself, has come to dominate the exploding online world, making it more popular overall than rivals from Microsoft or Apple.
But while Linux is fast, flexible and free, a growing chorus of critics warn that it has security weaknesses that could be fixed but haven't been. Worse, as Internet security has surged as a subject..

Japan's 3D Printers Shape Dreams 5

Japan’s 3D Printers Shape Dreams

February 9, 2016 PTdrivers 8

Home | Laptops | Laptops Features Japan's 3D Printers Shape Dreams Yomiuri and Seita Watanabe, The Japan News , 20 January 2016 It's well known that 3D printers can use data to manufacture a variety of three-dimensional objects. The technology has attracted attention for being able to create nearly anything and is being increasingly applied to industry, as well as research and development.
Recently, however, it seems that even company employees and housewives are utilizing 3D printers for a variety of needs.
“A gear in the washing nozzle of my toilet seat broke.” “I want to fix the broken trigger on a high-pressure water hose.” These are examples of the problems that customers bring every day to “Ah! 3D Printer Shop!!” in Nakano Ward, Tokyo.
One customer was Mieko Hiramatsu, 58, the manager of a condo in Tokyo's Koto Ward. She was dealing with old, cracked frames for elevator control buttons.
Hiramatsu contacted the elevator maker to try to get them repaired, but the nee..

Five Gadget Gifts Between Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 10,000 6

Five Gadget Gifts Between Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 10,000

March 7, 2016 PTdrivers 0

Planning to buy something for a friend or a loved one this Diwali? The best kinds of gifts are the ones that last many years, and a well-timed tech gift could be the hit of the season. There's a broad range of products that you can buy for someone, and we decided to break this up by budget. If you're looking for gifts between Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 10,000, you've come to the right place.
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Everyone has different tastes, but we've got a list below that covers all the bases, and you should be able to find something for everyone. Some of these recommendations are picks from our reviews section, others are based on groupthink, distilled from reviews of the professional tech reviewing fraternity.
1) Mi Redmi 2 Prime 4G (16GB)
The Redmi 2 Prime 4G is one of the best value-for-money devices in the high stakes entry-level smartphone space – it offers expandable storage, an above-average camera, and MIUI is wel..