Cuphead Is Possibly The Most Beautiful Game You Will Never Finish

Cuphead Is Possibly The Most Beautiful Game You Will Never Finish

March 25, 2017 Richard Gomez 0

Despite its old-school Walt Disney cartoon-inspired looks, Cuphead is anything but beautiful. The characters look charming, sporting expressions and animations that remind us of simpler, care-free time, an era when TV used to be about Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny. The actual experience is a far cry from those days though.
At Gamescom 2015 We played the game at Microsoft's press conference and came back with our egos battered to submission. And we weren't alone. Everyone who played the game before us had trouble clearing a single level. None of them could. Neither did we. Much like titles such as Super Meat Boy and I Wanna Be the Guy, Cuphead is tough as nails, and that's great.
With gameplay in the mould of classics like Contra, you'll find yourself running and gunning from one boss or another when you're playing the game.
In most cases, you'd wish that you could progress by just running instead because there is so much to take in from the game. The leve..

Bloodborne Review: Death is Only the Beginning

Bloodborne Review: Death is Only the Beginning

February 17, 2016 Richard Gomez 0

The world of Bloodborne (created by Dark Souls and Demon Souls makers From Software) is a hostile place. Everything in its fictional city of Yharnam – where most of the action in Bloodborne happens – exists with the sole purpose of making your time in it miserable.
From axe wielding madmen to hulking, brutish monstrosities that take great delight in pummelling you to death, there's very little solace to be had. Even the city's crows and dogs were dangerous, and waste no time in tearing the bones from our flesh. It is the video game equivalent of having a bad day. The kind of bad day that begins with you losing your wallet, and ends with you getting fired. Along with getting disowned by your family, socially ostracised, and being dumped by your significant other.
Early in the game, we faced hordes of lunatics and beasts that fill up this once decadent city and barely made it by the skin of our teeth. Just when we thought we'd have a moment's respite, we were pitted ..

Is Bloodborne the PS4 Exclusive You've Been Waiting for? We Find Out

Is Bloodborne the PS4 Exclusive You’ve Been Waiting for? We Find Out

February 16, 2016 Richard Gomez 0

The PlayStation 4 (PS4) has seen fantastic sales success the world over. Surprisingly, the system doesn't have a single successful exclusive game to make it worth the purchase over an Xbox One. Based on our first impressions, Bloodborne finally changes things. Set in the sprawling city of Yharnam, you find yourself in the role of a hunter in search for a cure for a plague. The plot however quickly takes a backseat, quite intentionally, with one of the early characters telling us not to overthink the situation and just kill monsters instead.
While Bloodborne is low on story, the atmosphere is intoxicating and Yarnham is a visual treat. Sinister buildings house untold horrors, and cobble-stoned streets have burning effigies of lycanthropes, but you won't spend much time sightseeing. Danger and death lurk in every corner of Yharnam. You'll face the psychotic, axe wielding residents of the city, and impromptu boss fights with colossal beasts. Everything in Bloodborne exist..

Samsung Patent Hints at Smartwatch That Scans Veins to Verify Identity

Samsung Patent Hints at Smartwatch That Scans Veins to Verify Identity

February 22, 2016 Richard Gomez 0

Home | Wearables | Wearables News Samsung Patent Hints at Smartwatch That Scans Veins to Verify Identity by Gadgets 360 Staff , 8 February 2016 Until now, we have seen several ways tech companies have made their smart devices capable of recognising users, from face recognition, fingerprint sensors, voice recognition, and even iris scanners. Now a newly published patent suggests Samsung to go even deeper inside a human body for recognition. The patent hints towards a future smartwatch that could use our veins for identity verification.
In the patent published by the USPTO titled “Wearable Device and Method of Operating the Same”, the company describes a method to identify users that takes a scan of the registered user's vein layout, and then compares it to the layout of the person trying to authenticate themselves in the future.
“A wearable device comprising: a sensor configured to capture a vein image of a user; and a processor configured to: in response to a function or an appl..

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro [year] review

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 2024 review

November 25, 2018 Richard Gomez 0

Is 12 inches too big for a tablet screen? We're about to find out. Samsung has decided that the world needs bigger tablets, and so we have not one but two 12.2-inch models from the Korean giant. As if their lineup wasn't expansive enough, these new models are the largest of a range of new Android tablets.
Samsung's lineup of tablets now extends from 7 inches to 12.2 inches. Factoring in the Galaxy Mega and Galaxy Note phones which have screens of up to 6.3 inches, Samsung really does seem to be trying every possible size.
The two biggest models, the Galaxy Tab Pro and Galaxy Note Pro, look identical and have nearly identical features, so it's easy to mix them up. The chief difference is the S-Pen, which has led to this confusing naming scheme. The S-Pen has been reserved for the Galaxy Note series of smartphones, so it probably seemed appropriate to name this tablet Note Pro.
Look and feel
There's no doubt about it; this thing is huge! It's also rather he..

Apple iWork [year] review

Apple iWork 2024 review

August 30, 2017 Richard Gomez 0

Microsoft's Office is the go-to software package for creating and sharing documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Google's Docs has emerged as a good, free alternative for lightweight tasks. But what's often overlooked is Apple's iWork.
Last fall, the iWork applications for the Mac -Pages for word processing, Numbers for spreadsheets and Keynote for presentations- got their first major update since 2009 and now work better with iPhone and iPad versions. Apple also developed an online version that can work on Windows computers and let several people collaborate on a single document more easily.
Apple's iWork won't replace Office, and Google Docs is better in some ways. But after using iWork for a few months, I've come to appreciate the ways it simplifies work. It became my primary way of writing news stories at last week's Mobile World Congress wireless show in Barcelona, Spain.
The best part: iWork is free with the purchase of new Apple device..

Anno 2205 Preview: Sci-Fi SimCity or Something More?

Anno 2205 Preview: Sci-Fi SimCity or Something More?

November 16, 2017 Richard Gomez 0

When you think of city-building, SimCity comes to mind. But while it's not as high profile, the Anno series has also been doing just that since the late 90s. The latest entry in the series, Anno 2205, has a lot in common with its predecessor, Anno 2070. It shares the same forward looking sci-fi trappings as Anno 2070, while previous games were based on historical settings.
Despite the almost 200 year gap between the setting of both games, Anno 2205 appears similar to its predecessor. This isn't much of a problem since it looks futuristic, shiny and pleasant on the eyes. From buildings that wouldn't look out of place in Star Wars to flying cars, there's a lot to wonder over. It's a game that's steeped in detail, making it fun to watch.
(Also see: EA Shuts Down SimCity Maker Maxis Emeryville)
Playing Anno 2205 though is an entirely different thing. Like most city builders you'll go through the motions of constructing apartments for your workers, harv..

Elite: Dangerous [year] - Lost in Space

Elite: Dangerous 2024 – Lost in Space

October 13, 2017 Richard Gomez 0

Space simulation games have been in the news of late, and not for good reasons either. Be it Star Citizen's long drawn and very public development controversy, or the underlying sigh that punctuates every display of No Man's Sky, the fact is that these are games of grand ambition and scale, that want to put you inside a vast galaxy to explore and immerse yourself in. The sheer scope and size is quite frankly why they have no firm release date.
And then there's Elite: Dangerous for the Xbox One. Much like the aforementioned games, it too, is a space simulator. There isn't much of an underlying narrative or sweeping story. You're thrown into a vast open galaxy with a small ship and very little money with the objective of surviving and perhaps even thriving in space. You can resort to piracy, assassinations, trading, and bounty hunting among other means to get by. And you won't be alone: depending on how you decide to play, you'll occupy the same space ..

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Is Real and It's Spectacular

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Is Real and It’s Spectacular

April 16, 2017 Richard Gomez 0

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has been in the news for everything but the game itself. There have been allegations of mistreatment of staff and a soaring development budget of $80 million; the spectacle behind series creator Hideo Kojima's final game at Konami is palpable.
In a way, it's kind of tragic to see a game like this being overshadowed by the real life drama surrounding it. At Gamescom 2015 NDTV Gadgets managed to get a lengthy hands-on with what appeared to be a final build of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. From what we experienced, this could very well be the best game you play this year.
Play your way, no matter how ridiculous it might be
The mission available for preview involved infiltrating a base in the desert. We had to find the commander of the base and kill him. The first time around, we played the mission like rank newcomers, running towards the base at the speed of sound. Obviously, alarm bells went off and we found soldiers surrounding us..