How to Choose and Set Up the Perfect TV Furniture for Your Living Room

Choosing the right TV furniture not only enhances the aesthetics of your living room but also ensures that your TV and related equipment are safe and organized. This tutorial will guide you through the process of selecting and setting up TV furniture.

Determine Your Needs

  • Size of the TV: Measure your TV diagonally to determine its size. This will help you choose furniture that can accommodate it.
  • Storage: Consider the number of devices you have, such as DVD players, gaming consoles, and sound systems. This will determine the storage space you need.

Choose the Right Style

  • Wall-mounted units: Ideal for modern homes with limited space. They give a sleek look and free up floor space.
  • TV stands: Traditional and versatile. They come in various materials like wood, metal, and glass.
  • Entertainment centers: Large units that offer ample storage space. They can house the TV, speakers, and other devices.

Consider the Material

  • Wood: Classic and durable. Available in various finishes like oak, cherry, and walnut.
  • Metal: Modern and sturdy. Often combined with glass shelves.
  • Glass: Gives a contemporary look. Ensure it’s tempered glass for safety.


  • Positioning: Place the TV furniture where there’s minimal glare from windows. The ideal viewing distance is approximately three times the height of your TV screen.
  • Cable Management: Use cable ties or conduits to organize and hide cables. This gives a neat appearance.
  • Safety: If you have children or pets, consider anchoring the furniture to the wall to prevent tipping.


  • Dusting: Use a microfiber cloth to dust the furniture regularly.
  • Cleaning: For wooden furniture, use a wood cleaner. For glass, a glass cleaner will do the job. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions.

Additional Features to Consider

  • Adjustable Shelves: This feature allows you to customize the storage space according to your needs.
  • Built-in Lighting: Some TV furniture comes with built-in LED lights which can enhance the ambiance of the room.
  • Swivel Base: Allows you to rotate your TV for optimal viewing from different angles.
  • Ventilation: Ensure that the furniture has adequate ventilation if you’re going to be placing electronic devices inside. This prevents overheating.

Integrating Sound Systems

  • Soundbars: If you have a soundbar, ensure has a dedicated space or shelf for it.
  • Speakers: For home theater setups, consider furniture that has built-in speaker compartments or spaces to place external speakers.


  • Casters/Wheels: Some TV stands come with wheels, making it easier to move them around for cleaning or rearranging.
  • Locking Mechanism: If you opt for a mobile unit, ensure it has a locking mechanism to keep the furniture in place.

Personalizing Your TV Furniture

  • Decor: Add personal touches like photo frames, vases, or decorative items on the shelves.
  • Paint/Finish: If you’re feeling creative, you can repaint or refinish wooden furniture to match your room’s decor.


  • Expandability: Consider how easy it is to add more shelves or compartments in the future.
  • Durability: Invest in high-quality furniture that can withstand the weight of newer, larger TVs or additional equipment you might purchase in the future.

Your TV furniture is more than just a stand for your television; it’s a central piece in your living room that can enhance the overall decor and functionality of the space. By considering the above points, you can ensure that you choose furniture that is both practical and stylish, serving you well for years to come.

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