Strontium Nitro Plus On-The-Go USB 3.0 and Micro SDHC UHS-1 With OTG Card Reader Review 1

Strontium Nitro Plus On-The-Go USB 3.0 and Micro SDHC UHS-1 With OTG Card Reader Review

February 11, 2016 PTdrivers 0

Strontium seems to have jumped into mobile storage in a big way. After our encounter with the Nitro iDrive for iOS, the company brought our attention to a couple of products aimed at Android devices which support USB On-The-Go. We've seen flash drives with Micro-USB connectors before, but we haven't seen an external card reader.
An increasing number of Android smartphones do not allow storage expansion, and some older ones don't support high-capacity microSD cards. Putting new data onto a card and sharing large files with others is sometimes a pain, requiring you to take your phone apart and pull out its battery or plug your phone into a PC.
USB-OTG can come in handy in some of those situations. While a flash drive sticking out of your phone is no substitute for a tiny microSD card, it can be really handy. You can store large files such as movies that you don't need immediate access to all the time, without filling up your phone's limited storage space. You ca..

Apple iWork [year] review 2

Apple iWork 2023 review

August 30, 2017 PTdrivers 0

Microsoft's Office is the go-to software package for creating and sharing documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Google's Docs has emerged as a good, free alternative for lightweight tasks. But what's often overlooked is Apple's iWork.
Last fall, the iWork applications for the Mac -Pages for word processing, Numbers for spreadsheets and Keynote for presentations- got their first major update since 2009 and now work better with iPhone and iPad versions. Apple also developed an online version that can work on Windows computers and let several people collaborate on a single document more easily.
Apple's iWork won't replace Office, and Google Docs is better in some ways. But after using iWork for a few months, I've come to appreciate the ways it simplifies work. It became my primary way of writing news stories at last week's Mobile World Congress wireless show in Barcelona, Spain.
The best part: iWork is free with the purchase of new Apple device..

Micromax Funbook review [year] 3

Micromax Funbook review 2023

July 5, 2016 PTdrivers 0

The last few weeks have seen a flood of low-cost Android tablet launches in India. Known manufacturers like HCL and even the unknown ones, like Zync, have jumped in to tap this lucrative market.
Micromax is one of the vendors to join the mix with its decently priced Ice Cream Sandwich sporting Funbook. Although Funbook sounds like a great deal on paper, is it worth it? We will find out in this review.
Like other low-cost tablets available in the market, Micromax Funbook comes with all plastic body with faux aluminium coated back. The tablet has been put together well, but the hardware Android buttons seem unecessary, considering the on-screen virtual buttons introduced in Ice Cream Sandwich.
Among other hardware characteristics, Funbook comes with a volume rocker and power button on the right side, while all the ports including 3.5mm headset jack, TF card slot, HDMI, Mini-USB and charging port are placed on the bottom. The Mini-USB port can be used to plug-in the data card (av..

Android 5.0 Lollipop Review [year]: A Sweet Upgrade 4

Android 5.0 Lollipop Review 2023: A Sweet Upgrade

December 15, 2018 PTdrivers 0

Android's sweet new “Lollipop” flavor brings security improvements and easier ways to view and respond to notifications. The new Google software for mobile devices even lets you lend out your phone without worrying about a friend circulating your naked selfies on Facebook.
I tested Lollipop on Google's new Nexus 6 phone, which comes out this week. I can only hope that as other phones get the upgrade over time, it will be as good as what you get on the Nexus.
It's a shame many phone manufacturers that use Android believe they have to tweak it extensively to make the software theirs and not Google's. Mucking around with it only confuses customers and steers app developers toward working on iPhone versions first, where there is more uniformity – and thus incentive to incorporate the latest features.
Assuming your phone maker is running Lollipop in its purest form, here's what you'll get:
You used to have to pull down the notification tray from t..

The Deer God Review: Frustrating, Yet Fun 5

The Deer God Review: Frustrating, Yet Fun

August 7, 2017 PTdrivers 0

A hunter waits for his prey in the jungle on a rainy night. At long last he spots a deer and lines up a shot. Just as he pulls the trigger, he's attacked by a wolf. The baby deer and hunter have both collapsed. The hunter's spirit wakes up. As punishment for his violence, the hunter's spirit is placed in a deer's body and that is where you start playing The Deer God, one of the more interesting looking new games to release on iOS (it's also available on Android, PC, and Xbox).
The hunter becomes the hunted and thus begins your adventure as a deer that doesn't know what tasks it has to complete. As a deer you can't do much more than run and jump, but you do get certain powerups along the way that can extend your abilities. Instead of large levels that you can clear through, The Deer God just repeats the same few puzzles, until you find and complete certain tasks. For example, an old man will ask you to find his monocle and until you do that, you will ..

India Funding Roundup: A Hyperlocal Discovery Platform, Mobile Parenting App, and More 6

India Funding Roundup: A Hyperlocal Discovery Platform, Mobile Parenting App, and More

February 22, 2016 PTdrivers 0

Our latest funding roundup covers angel and VC investments in startups engaged in hyperlocal discovery, parenting, home services, finance, medical diagnostics, and e-commerce.
Gurgaon-based hyperlocal discovery platform, Magicpin, has reportedly raised $3 million (roughly Rs. 20 crores) in Series A round of funding from existing investor Lightspeed Venture Partners. The startup founded in 2015 by Brij Bhushan, and Anshoo Sharma provides real-time promotions, loyalty programmes and content updates to promote merchants registered on its platform.
Parenting app BabyBerry, operated by Bengaluru-based CereBrahm Innovations has reportedly secured $1 million (Rs. 6.8 crores) in angel funding. The startup provides features such as vaccination charts, health records management and doctor discovery, through its apps, available on iOS and Android.
Home services startup Taskbob has reportedly raised Rs. 28 crores in its Series A round of funding, led by IvyCap Ventur..

Fairphone 2 [year] 7

Fairphone 2 2023

January 5, 2016 PTdrivers 2

Fairphone is a reasonably one-of-a-kind fashion of smartphone producer. it isn’t out to make the prettiest or essentially the most highly effective handsets, nonetheless essentially […]

Onida i4G1 Review [year] 8

Onida i4G1 Review 2023

May 17, 2016 PTdrivers 0

Onida is a well-known name in the Indian electronics market, and one that is highly associated with televisions. One of India's earliest home-grown manufacturers of TV sets, the company started its operations in the early 1980s in Mumbai and has now grown to become a respected name in home appliances alongside its traditional strength base in televisions and home entertainment.
As with any company looking to grow, Onida has made its way into the competitive but highly lucrative smartphone industry. The company's current flagship device is the low-cost Onida i4G1. Priced at Rs. 8,999, the Onida i4G1 hopes to offer budget users a quality Indian option with good specifications. Whether or not it lives up to expectations is the question that we hope to answer with our review.
Look and feel
When it comes to looks, the Onida i4G1 doesn't break any new ground and is far outmatched by lower priced competitors. At the front, the phone looks plain and ordinary, with no real stylin..