Just Cause [year] 1

Just Cause 2022

March 29, 2016 PTdrivers 0

The exploding barrel is a well-worn video game trope. Ever since we first saw these in Doom, these have been a handy way to clear rooms full of enemies with a single shot, as the resulting detonation eliminates them en masse. But what happens when an entire game world is filled to the brim with exploding barrels? The game ends up being Just Cause 3.
Taking place in the fictional island country of Medici, Just Cause 3's irreverent tone, cheesy dialogue, and goofball plot are all reminiscent of older action games and movies. It's highly derivative but enjoyable all the same. In Just Cause 3, you set the world ablaze as former special agent Rico Rodriguez, hellbent on freeing Medici from the iron grip of dictator Sebastiano Di Ravello.
With this comes the opportunity to run amok. The exploding barrel trope takes the form of transformers, satellites, and obviously, fuel tanks – almost every thing in Just Cause 3 can be destroyed in a chaotic haze of fire and smoke.
(Also se..

Just Cause 3 Preview: Everything Is Better With Explosions 2

Just Cause 3 Preview: Everything Is Better With Explosions

March 19, 2017 PTdrivers 0

Open-world third-person shooter series Just Cause is known for its explosions and action-packed gameplay. Creator Avalanche Studios sums up the latest entry, Just Cause 3 as “blowing things up with fun characters,” citing movies such as The Expendables, Tropic Thunder, and True Lies as being some of its inspirations – and rightly so. Almost everything in the game can explode, from cars to satellite arrays and everything in between.
With Avalanche Studios priming it for a December 1 release date, it used Gamescom 2015 as an opportunity to show off some of the game's other features, namely challenge missions.
As the name implies, challenge missions let you test your skills in the fields of wanton destruction and traversal. Each time you participate in challenge missions you go a step closer to unlock game mods that let you enhance your Just Cause 3 experience exponentially.
Some of these include the ability to customise any car in the game- even buses – with a turbo jump or adding..

Dying Light Review [year] 3

Dying Light Review 2022

February 13, 2016 PTdrivers 0

It's the zombie apocalypse. And instead of being in the safe confines of a bomb shelter, we're at a video store in search for a movie for a mentally challenged man. In a huge dollop of irony, the film we're looking for is none other than Charly.
If perusing through a dimly-lit, abandoned video store wasn't a thrill in itself, leaving the front door ajar turns out to be the perfect invitation to be attacked by zombies.
Shambling in, a molotov cocktail made short work of them, charring their flesh, giving us enough time to traipse over a few of them as we made our exit. Only to find our gibs splattered over the pavement.
Evidently that hissing sound we heard a few seconds ago was from the oxygen tank on a zombie in a hazmat suit. It created a chain reaction leading us to respawn and try again.
Welcome to the wonderfully bizarre world of Dying Light. You're Kyle Crane, an operative charged with eliminating a local political figure in the city of Harran that&#..

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Review - Familiarity Breeds Contempt 4

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Review – Familiarity Breeds Contempt

December 16, 2017 PTdrivers 0

For many people, the Uncharted series was the deciding factor that led to their purchase of a PlayStation 3 (PS3), and who could blame them? Out of Sony's entire roster of exclusives – ranging from shooters like Resistance and Killzone to more artistic fare like LittleBigPlanet – the Indiana Jones-like exploits of Nathan Drake resonated most with a generation of gamers who wanted more than the brutal action of God of War, or the super heroic trappings of Infamous.
Even after three increasingly bombastic games on the PS3, and a solid portable outing (Uncharted: Golden Abyss) on the PS Vita, it's hard not to think of Nathan Drake as video games' everyman – a relatable average guy with no superpowers, who finds himself in a host of unlikely situations involving the occult, abominable snowmen, and at times, hanging from the end of a train bogey that's about to fall off a cliff.
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Transistor for iOS Review: As Good as It's on the PC 5

Transistor for iOS Review: As Good as It’s on the PC

February 18, 2016 PTdrivers 0

Transistor – made by Bastion creators Supergiant Games – first released in May 2014 for the PlayStation 4 and Windows, followed by Linux and OS X versions in October. Following in Bastion's footsteps, the game was released for iOS devices earlier this month.
We'd played the PC version last year and loved it, so purchasing Transistor on day-one was an obvious choice. But how has it fared in the journey to mobile devices, and should you buy this game for your iPhone or iPad, especially if you haven't played the PC or PS4 version?
Before talking about the porting of Transistor, it's important to get a measure of what this game is, in the first place. If you're already familiar with the game, and just want to know about how it handles on mobile devices, you could just skip the next section of this article. On the other hand, if you're a newcomer to the game, the introduction will help you understand what Transistor is all about, and why you might want to pla..

Undertale [year] Review 6

Undertale 2022 Review

April 9, 2016 PTdrivers 0

For a game developed by a single person, Undertale is as contradictory as they come. It uses rudimentary graphics that wouldn't be out of place in the 8-bit era of consoles yet it manages to display emotion far better than most photorealistic AAA titles. There's an emphasis on non-violence but you'll frequently find yourself in combat. And with all the critical acclaim it has garnered, you'd assume it's a game anyone would enjoy, but it's not really for everyone.
The consistency, or lack thereof, is in part due to its overarching narrative. The game is set amidst a backdrop that has monsters living beneath the earth after losing a war to mankind, and you play as a human child who falls into the ruins and ventures deeper underground with the purpose of getting home.
Along the way you'll pet dogs, hear bad puns from skeletons, and play matchmaker to lovestruck guards. You can, of course, resort to the usual slaughter of everyone and everything in you..

Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro Review: Good Build, Fun Gaming 7

Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro Review: Good Build, Fun Gaming

May 2, 2017 PTdrivers 0

Amkette has, over the years, been rolling out a number of stylish looking mobile products, starting in 2012 in with the Amkette Evo TV, which was updated and released last year as the value-for-money Evo TV MC. The company has also released a number of wired and wireless headphones, as well as a Bluetooth speaker. Now, it's released the Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro, a Bluetooth gamepad for use with Android devices, available only on Flipkart, at Rs. 2,799.
Like Amkette's other products, the Evo Gamepad Pro is a good looking gadget. The button layout, and the placement of its analog sticks appears to draw on the design of the Xbox 360 gamepad, with two analog sticks, a four-way direction pad, four face buttons, two shoulder buttons, and two triggers, along with home, back and start buttons.
There's a flip out section in the middle, which can be opened to serve as a stand for your Android phone. Lifting the cover also reveals the battery light, along with the two indicators f..

Ori and the Blind Forest Review: Style Over Substance? 8

Ori and the Blind Forest Review: Style Over Substance?

February 14, 2016 PTdrivers 0

There are video games that you play, and there are video games that play you. Ori and the Blind Forest is the latter. Its prologue weaves a heart-wrenching narrative about life and loss that leaves you close to tears. We'd go as far as to say there's not been an opening sequence this good in the current generation of video games.
Without spoiling much, the opening sets the tone for what lies ahead in spectacular fashion. The game takes place in a dying forest steeped with strange creatures and old mysteries, and you don the role of Ori – a woodland spirit who is propelled into an adventure to save his home. Along the way, you'll defeat treacherous foes, solve a host of puzzles, and explore gorgeous looking environments.
Once the emotional joyride of the initial ten minutes is over you're left to your own devices for most of the proceedings, until the end of the game which does a little more to expound on its powerful opening. The game does leave you slightly short..