WWE 2k16 Review 1

WWE 2k16 Review

The WWE has been in video games for decades now, back from when it used to be called the World Wrestling Federation. These games aren't always the best games, but the over the top presentation and the accessibility of play means that the WWE games are a great couch multiplayer experience that you can always enjoy with your friends. WWE 2k16 isn't breaking from this tradition either, but along the way, it suffers from a problem that's common to many sports games.
These games need to strike a balance between the presentation as we see it on television – to keep fans interested – but it also needs to be playable, and finding the balance between the presentation and playability is often a challenge. The series is working towards that balance and if you look at the WWE games from WWE 2k14 onwards, you'll see a steady grind that's polishing away rough surfaces and leaving behind a game that's fun for fans and newcomers.
WWE 2k14 was a fun brawler that was grea..

Dead Among Us Review: Zombie Archery Made in India 2

Dead Among Us Review: Zombie Archery Made in India

Like military shooters, games featuring zombies are a cliche. From survival horror staples like Resident Evil to modern masterpieces like Uncharted, you'll be hard pressed to find a game that doesn't have the undead in one form or another. And at the other end of the spectrum, there's Rolocule. The Pune-based studio has made games like Motion Tennis Cast and Bowling Central. While these two titles cemented its position as one of the better niche developers focusing on motion controlled games on Android and iOS, its latest game Dead Among Us is perhaps its most accessible yet, as you don't need a Chromecast or Apple TV for this one.
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Unlike Rolocule's earlier games, Dead Among Us shows a definite attempt at creating some sort of narrative. There's been a virus outbreak and everyone you know is dead or worse, turned into the walking dead. Conveniently, your character is a gold..

Supreme League of Patriots Review: Sloppy Fun 3

Supreme League of Patriots Review: Sloppy Fun

Over the last few years, games have started to fall into two main camps. One camp said that gameplay is everything – and then delivered a string of interchangeable monochrome first person shooters featuring protagonists of questionable morality and two mandatory plot twists. The other group camp insisted that games are a transcendental art form – and then delivered a string of morosely monochrome titles featuring a young protagonist who would overcome terrible odds and learn something about his/ her self and/ or relationships, usually while jumping over platforms against the backdrop of a moody soundtrack.
Of course, there are plenty of games that still fall outside these two camps, and the steady revival of puzzle adventure games in particular is something we're very excited about.
Supreme League of Patriots is one such game. Released by Phoenix Online Publishing, which also recently released the 20th Anniversary Edition of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, it's bright ..

Firewatch Review 4

Firewatch Review

Video games are sold on hyperbole. From gruesome, over the top trailers for gory first-person shooters to breathtaking, to picture-perfect explosions in open-world action-adventure games, there's very little that's grounded in reality. If there aren't monsters to slay or dictators to dethrone, there's a conspiracy to unearth or revenge to be had.
And then there's Firewatch.
You're Henry, a newly hired fire lookout responsible for ensuring the Shoshone National Park in Wyoming is kept safe. The backstory is fairly relatable, and unlike your standard video game protagonist, the only super powers at your disposal are observing your surroundings and reporting them in to your supervisor Delilah, via walkie-talkie.
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For most part, this first-person exploration game sees you hiking through the wilderness, just taking in what the forest has to offer. Apart from calling in about fire..

FIFA 16 Review: Inclusive, but Is It for Everyone? 5

FIFA 16 Review: Inclusive, but Is It for Everyone?

It's extremely likely that regardless of the score at the end of this review, you already have an opinion on FIFA 16. Publisher Electronic Arts (EA) put out a demo earlier in the month, the full game was available this week as a free 10-hour trial via the Xbox One's EA Access program, and street date breaks resulted in copies available early in many a retail store (which is how we got our copy). This is why some of you already know if you are going to buy FIFA 16 or not, if you haven't already. If you're looking for validation or a reason to rage, go straight to the score below. As for the rest of you, who are still deciding whether you want to play FIFA 16, keep reading.
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Every year, developer EA Sports tries to justify the need for you to buy its latest football game. We've seen a lot of these annual changes, both big and small. From the monumental jump between FIFA 08 and FIFA 09, to the subtle prese..

Bloodborne Review: Death is Only the Beginning 6

Bloodborne Review: Death is Only the Beginning

The world of Bloodborne (created by Dark Souls and Demon Souls makers From Software) is a hostile place. Everything in its fictional city of Yharnam – where most of the action in Bloodborne happens – exists with the sole purpose of making your time in it miserable.
From axe wielding madmen to hulking, brutish monstrosities that take great delight in pummelling you to death, there's very little solace to be had. Even the city's crows and dogs were dangerous, and waste no time in tearing the bones from our flesh. It is the video game equivalent of having a bad day. The kind of bad day that begins with you losing your wallet, and ends with you getting fired. Along with getting disowned by your family, socially ostracised, and being dumped by your significant other.
Early in the game, we faced hordes of lunatics and beasts that fill up this once decadent city and barely made it by the skin of our teeth. Just when we thought we'd have a moment's respite, we were pitted ..

Batman: Arkham Knight Season of Infamy DLC Review 7

Batman: Arkham Knight Season of Infamy DLC Review

Batman: Arkham Knight has been one of the most controversial games this year. Although the game itself was well received, it wasn't without its flaws, and we aren't even talking about the highly lacklustre PC port, which even after multiple updates isn't really worth paying for. This aside, another thing the game has drawn flak for is the vast amount of downloadable content (DLC) that publisher Warner Bros. announced prior to launch.
The season pass for the game costs a whopping Rs. 3,330 for six months of DLC on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One; that's almost the price of a new game. And very little of this content was really worth the extra money either. Most of it consisted of character skins, challenge maps, and story missions involving protagonists such as Batgirl and Catwoman. That last part is the only true value being added, but these missions were short adventures, clocking in at around 20 to 30 minutes at best.
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Need for Speed Preview: Great but for One Major Concern 8

Need for Speed Preview: Great but for One Major Concern

It's hard to believe that the Need for Speed franchise has been around since 1994, debuting on the short-lived 3DO console. Fast forward 21 years and almost as many games later, the title clearly isn't the force it once was. With the last few entries being lacklustre, Electronic Arts (EA) has rightfully taken it back to the drawing board.
This meant taking 2014 off from the yearly release cycle, with the next title in the series slated to release this November simply titled as Need for Speed. We got to play a demo of the PlayStation 4 version of the game on the show floor at Gamescom 2015 to see if it is worth the wait. Here's what you need to know.
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Need for Speed not just in name
It's what you feel when you take control of a car in the game. The sense of speed was exhilarating and addictive. Sure, Need for Speed may have turned into a simulation over the years with titles like N..