Amazon Fire Tablet Review [year]

Amazon Fire Tablet Review 2024

February 9, 2016 Richard Gomez 6

The thing to remember about Amazon's new $50 Fire tablet is that it's a $50 tablet.
It's not as light or as thin as a tablet that costs five or six times more. The camera isn't as good, and the screen isn't as sharp. But it works well as a budget device for the basics – reading, Facebook, video and, of course, shopping on Amazon.
Over the years, Inc. has done a good job of making tablets affordable for the masses. The new Fire tablet is Amazon's cheapest yet, joining a fall lineup that maxes out at $230 (roughly Rs. 15,000) ($15 more if you want Amazon to remove ads on the lock screen). By contrast, Apple's iPads start at $269 (roughly Rs. 17,500), ad-free.
Of course, you get less for $50.
Among the trade-offs:
The feel: The 7-inch tablet is bulky, about two-thirds as thick as a deck of cards. This runs counter to a trend of gadgets getting thinner and thinner. But this is reasonable for budget devices, as they use older, larger components ..

No Need to Fret, Apple Is Doing Fine

No Need to Fret, Apple Is Doing Fine

February 8, 2016 Richard Gomez 7

Home | Mobiles | Mobiles Features No Need to Fret, Apple Is Doing Fine Farhad Manjoo, The New York Times , 28 January 2016 Let's get this out of the way first: Despite what you may have heard, the iPhone is not dying. Neither, by extension, is Apple.
It's true that in an earnings report Tuesday, after weeks of speculation by Wall Street that iPhone sales would finally hit a peak, Apple confirmed the news: iPhone sales grew at their lowest-ever rate in the last quarter. And the company projected total sales of as much as $53 billion (roughly Rs. 3,61,532 crores) in the current quarter that ends in March, which would be a decline of 8.6 percent from last year and Apple's first revenue drop in more than a decade.
But if Apple is now hitting a plateau, it's important to remember that it's one of the loftiest plateaus in the history of business. The $18.4 billion (roughly Rs. 1,25,518 crores) profit that Apple reported Tuesday is the most ever earned by any company ..

iPad mini [year] review

iPad mini 2024 review

February 13, 2016 Richard Gomez 0

I bet the iPad mini is going to be on a lot of wish lists this holiday season. I also bet that for a lot of people, it's not going to be the best choice. It's beautiful and light, but Apple made a big compromise in the design, one that means that buyers should look closely at the competition before deciding.
Starting at $329, the iPad mini is the cheapest iPad. The screen is a third smaller than the regular iPads, and it sits in an exquisitely machined aluminum body. It weighs just 11 ounces half as much as a full-size iPad making it easier to hold in one hand. It's just under 8 inches long and less than a third of an inch thick, so it fits easily into a handbag.
The issue is the screen quality. Apple has been on the forefront of a move toward sharper, more colorful screens. It calls them “Retina” displays because the pixels the little light-emitting squares that make up the screen are so small that they blend together almost seamlessly in our eyes, removing the impressi..

iPad Pro [year] Review

iPad Pro 2024 Review

February 11, 2016 Richard Gomez 0

The iPad Pro is, at first glance, completely crazy. A giant iPad with all the limitations of iOS, coupled with added bulk that makes it harder to tote, and a price tag that starts at Rs. 70,000, all make it a hard sell. That's only the starting price though, and you're going to end up paying a lot more for this tablet.
Realistically, you should get the 128GB model, which costs Rs. 79,900, and also the Apple Smart Keyboard, which will set you back by Rs. 14,900. Artists, designers, and others might also need to buy the Apple Pencil, priced at Rs. 8,600 – which means a final price tag between Rs. 94,800 and Rs. 1,03,400. At that price, you can't really compare it to the iPad Air 2, the last 10-inch model to be released, with an MRP of Rs. 49,900 for the 128GB variant.
(Also see: iPad Air 2 Review: Still the King of Tablets)
But if the iPad Pro is nearly twice the price of the iPad Air 2, then it's also giving you a lot more, aside from being nearly as big as two iP..