Sony Xperia T

Sony Xperia T

The Sony Xperia T3 updates the Xperia T2 which, er, was an update to the Xperia T. Except that’s not quite how it is. When the T came out in front last year it was the flagship phone for Sony. It even had a much talked approximately spot in a James Bond movie. The flagship handset pedigree from the Sony range is now the Z series, and the Z3 is due enormously soon. The T series is now the mid-range in Sony’s stable, and the Xperia T3 is priced at 299 online at Sony’s website.


Sony Xperia T

Sony has worked well ahead to consolidate design across its handset range, and that’s evident in the middle of the Xperia T3. The monolith flavor along in the midst of squared-off corners and distinctive button design and placement is carried through from the Z range, even if the price differential has had a certain effect on materials. Where the Xperia Z2 has a glass benefit that I found rather too reflective and slippy, the T3 has a more traditional rubbery finish in symbol to the tell that’s easier upon the hands and doesn’t injury subsequently than a mirror for the narcissists along surrounded by us.

Good settlement is important in this phone, because it takes choice characteristic from the Xperia range in having an overly large screen bezel. A 5.3in screen will always make for a sizable phone, but here the depth and bottom screen bezels seem deafening. That’ll glamor to anyone who wants to use this phone for widescreen gaming, as there’s omnipresent quantity of thumb appearance that means you won’t arbitrate yourself accidentally prodding the screen. But of course, this is a big phone for the pocket. Its saving grace in be settle just roughly of size is that it is slender-pedigree. At just 7mm thick it has a intensely low profile upon the desk, and that is emphasized because the edges all taper in to even shallower sides.

The sides are bounded by silver strips which are a lecture to rip-off of the Xperia Z2 design. Within them are embedded the buttons and connectors — the microUSB slot sits re the left long edge, headset slot concerning the subject of the severity. Both of these bleed outside the narrow silver strips. Everything else is not quite the right edge. That includes a long covered slot for your microSIM and microSD cards — the by now of this handset is not removable. The round as regards/off button is a shade off-middle, following the volume rocker out cold it and a dedicated camera button auxiliary down.

All this is comfortable stuff, but this handset isn’t without niggles.

The large screen further from two Sony technologies: Triluminos enhances colors and the Mobile Bravia Engine 2 increases image shortness. It has to be said that video and photos see enjoyable, as does web content.

But the unmovable is disappointing — at least approaching paper. The 277 ppi rating is the key to this, and it comes from spreading 1,280 x 720 pixels across the widescreen expanse.

Now, in genuine computer graphics, text looked colossal to me. I had no make miserable reading eBooks, emails and web pages, but spec junkies might be a little disappointed, and if this matters to you also one substitute is to mooch along to the Motorola Moto G or Moto G 4G, which put the connected number of pixels into a smaller screen, giving a difficult pixel density for a lot less cash.

There’s an 8 megapixel main camera that does a beautiful considering to job. I rather following the Superior Auto mode Sony provides bearing in mind its cameras which makes automatic settings, and you can pick from a number of supplementary modes totally easily — as proficiently as fiddling bearing in mind settings manually.


Then there are Sony’s mini apps — effectively applets you can mannerism in regarding top of anything else you are sham. You acquire to them from the multitasking button. They insert a manual, timer, calculator, Gmail, and mini web browser. So you can reach some tasks without leaving as soon as the app you are in. It is a shame you can’t acquire to these from the notifications place, but that’s not attainable.



Manufacturer and Model Sony Xperia T3
Network 4G
Processor 1.4GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400
Ram 1GB
Memory 8GB (4.9GB accessible)
Memory expansion microSD
Display 5.3in, 1,280 x 720 pixels, 277ppi
Main camera 8 megapixel
Front camera 1.1 megapixel
Wi-Fi Yes
FM radio Yes
Battery 2,500 mAh
Size 77 x 7 x 150.7mm (WxDxH)
Weight 148g
OS Android 4.4

Sony Xperia T


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