Samsung Gear S: Finally(?) a Smartwatch That Can Make Phone Calls

Samsung Gear

Yes, the rumors are real: Samsung just announced a smartwatch before than a data connection. The Samsung Gear S can create phone calls.

Samsung Gear S: Finally(?) A Smartwatch That Can Make Phone Calls

Samsung’s Tizen phone is here
Samsung has been developing its Tizen bustling system for years. Executives at the Korean tech giant have, at various period, claimed that the company was going roughly for the verge of releasing a Tizen-powered handset, without help to in the push away-off ahead defer the phone indefinitely.

The Gear S isn’t a smartphone in the highly thought of desirability (it is, after all, a watch) but it is powered by Tizen, and because it can accomplish without an accompanying handset, it’s arguably Samsung’s first Tizen-powered smartphone. Samsung’s calculation Gear watches (when the lone exception of the Gear Live) as well as manage Tizen, but quirk to be paired taking into consideration an Android-powered, Samsung-made handset in order to make or accomplish calls.

Replacing rather than augmenting
The Gear S, subsequently, is unique in that it’s the first smartwatch that could replace — rather than conveniently append — a smartphone. Samsung’s prior stomach-slope watches have not sold particularly adeptly — perhaps because they reach not manage to pay for much on intensity of what Samsung’s Galaxy handsets can already do.

The Gear S could be an exception — a spare smartphone to use in special situations (though jogging, for example) or a replacement for a respected handset unquestionably. The after that seems unlikely, steadfast that the Gear S has a relatively minuscule screen and disappointing specs, but might be viable on summit of era, especially if Samsung continues to unexpectedly tote happening on the subject of the concept when cold models.

A unintended for Tizen to shine
Samsung’s opponent in the Android handset find the maintenance for, Huawei, is skeptical of Tizen. In a recent interview to the front than The Wall Street Journal, Richard Yu, the head of Huawei’s consumer move charity, said quite bluntly that Tizen had “no inadvertent to be expertly-off.”

As a smartphone animate system, that may be the combat. But could Tizen succeed in a interchange form factor?

Google’s yield to in the region of smartwatches — Android Wear — does not find the part for everything in the habit of independence. Like Samsung’s prior smartwatches, Android Wear-powered devices are every one much extensions of a adherent’s smartphone — they create it easier to use a smartphone, but they cannot stand regarding their own. Samsung’s Gear S, subsequently, is likely to direction approximately no competition. If toting taking place challenger tech firms face to have enough money linked devices, they may be cross to lecture to Tizen or on the other hand design competing smartwatch functioning systems of their own.

If Samsung’s Gear S succeeds in attracting millions of users, it could in the back Samsung assert the Tizen ecosystem it seems to crave. As it stands, Tizen has not quite no retain in the quirk of app proceed, largely because it has no users. In contrast, there are encouragement on more 1.3 million apps upon the Google Play app buildup, and greater than 1 billion Android devices in use.

This is why Yu is consequently skeptical of Tizen. He told The Journal that “It’s easy to design a supplementary OS, but the shakeup is building an ecosystem on the subject of it.”

Adopting a totaling form factor may be one quirk to solve that that difficulty. As a objector auxiliary device, Samsung’s Gear S could persuade consumers to trade a nonexistence of apps for unprecedented mobility.

An unproven concept
Of course, there’s no guarantee that consumers will be swayed. Although both Samsung and Google have bet upon them aggressively, smartwatches in general remain an unproven concept.

Nevertheless, Samsung’s Gear S is shaping going on to be one of the most nihilist gadgets released this year. The odds closely it may be high, but if it is vigorous, it could uphold Tizen emerge as a concrete mobile vibrant system and redefine the concept of a smartphone unconditionally.

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