Does Tripollar therapy really work?

The latest in home gadgetry promises to restore both face and body.

Stop and Pose. This is a fair description of what you’ll spend your time doing after you use these two new Tripollar radio frequency devices on your face and body.

The Tripollar Stop device is designed for the face and promises the usual lessening of wrinkles and general tightening of the skin. The Pose is for the body and aims to reduce cellulite and provide all-over toning. Both devices heat the connective tissue (collagen fibres), causing a healing, regenerative effect, which leads to the skin being visibly lifted, tightened and thickened.

I’m only 29 but, used for 10 to 15 minutes at a time, two to three times a week, both the Stop and Pose have made a difference to my skin. It wasn’t something that happened instantly, but over the six- to eight-week recommended period of use, I noticed my crow’s-feet had reduced, my skin had gained back a little of the thickness I had when I was 20 and the skin on my thighs had tightened.

Let me preface my next confession by saying that each Tripollar piece is designed to be your personal device. That is to say, only you should use it. However, seeing that my trial was in the interest of researching for the greater good, I also tested the Stop out on some friends. One, who has chronic acne and scarring, had people asking her why her skin looked so good only one day after we tested the implement.

I also gave my Pose over to another friend, who regularly laments the loose skin on her stomach after giving birth more than a year ago. Said friend reported back that after using it for only four weeks on her “most hated area”, she could see a definite difference.

Even better is the fact that once you’ve popped the prep gel on, you can just plonk yourself in front of the TV or a magazine and zone out while you move the device over your face.

It takes about 20 minutes to complete the process. You glow a little afterwards (read: a slight redness, like you’ve finished exercising), but this fades in about 10 to 15 minutes to reveal plump, fresh-looking skin.

I’ve concluded both the Stop and tripollar Pose devices are well worth the initial cash investment. It works out to be a whole lot cheaper in the long term than salon laser treatments, which promise the same results.


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