iPhone 6S

Some people look a bit unkindly on the so-referred to as “S” years — these years when Apple updates the iPhone, however doesn’t change how it looks, after which sells that even as secretly engaged on whatever flashier with the intention to debut 12 months later, i don’t think that is precisely fair. those “S” years are when Apple provides some of its most priceless points. Siri? touch identification? each useful additions to the iPhone platform that have considering grown in significance. This yr we get 3D touch, a potentially top notch option to interact with iPhones. the object is, a gadget’s valued at is not just tied up in one feature: it’s about how all these moving ingredients work collectively.

iPhone 6S

That’s why the new 6s and 6s Plus (starting at $649 and $749, respectively, for 16GB units) are such excellent telephones. The blend of so much-extended hardware and some polished program makes this 12 months’s unencumber excess of only a modest refresh.


  • 3D Touch is a smart, helpful addition
  • First-rate performance
  • Improved cameras
  • Touch ID is faster and more accurate


  • Lacks optical image stabilization
  • Live Photos are hit-or-miss
  • Base model still only has 16GB of storage
  • Touch ID can be overly sensitive

The iPhone 6s keeps the same design as the iPhone 6, however packs better cameras, a snappier processor and 3D contact, a shrewd new solution to get things executed in fewer steps. beyond that, the blend of iOS 9 and a few good-built hardware support makes the 6s one of the vital exceptional iPhones ever made… even though we want it had some of the 6s Plus’ niceties.

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