Google Glass finally available to all on the Play Store

Google Glass


Google Glass has been unnecessarily hard to come by in the past requiring invitations or winning contests to be able to buy one…until now that is.

Google has finally begun selling the Google Glass Explorer Edition to all on the Play Store

Now any old chum, not just devs, can grab the hi-tech headset, albeit it doesn’t come cheap carrying a hefty price tag of $1500 (about £920).

Yes, it seems Google hasn’t lowered its not-so consumer friendly price so you’ll have to make sure you have enough green in the bank before you enter any card details.

Although as Techradar pointed out, the rumour that the next version of Google Glass will look more like a pair of normal glasses may help explain why Google’s refused to budge

On the upside, Google is willing to throw in a “free” pair of shades or frames for the money, so at least that’s something.

Also available on the Play Store are all the Google Glass accessories including various frames, shades and earbuds.

The fact that Google is allowing anyone to purchase Google Glass from the Play Store shows that its ready to expand the line further.

The Google Glass Explorer Edition is basically the products’ beta version, so its highly likely we’ll start seeing rumours and leaks of a new model in the coming months.

Head to the Google Play Store to get your hands on Google Glass, available in white, black, grey, blue and red variations.

Google Glass

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