Audio Technica MSR7b Motorola Moto G 2023 – Review

Audio Technica is a Japanese headphone manufacturer. It has designed some great headphones in the past, known for its great sound quality, good looks and build quality. One of their best-selling headphones, the ATH050x and MSR7 are closed-back headphones, the latter being upgraded to a newer version, MSR7b.

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Some of your gaming experience will totally depend on the headphones you use, such as Dead Space or That Dragon.


The driver is the same 45 driver size but there are some tuning changes in the sound. The biggest difference in terms of build quality is that these headphones are much lighter and easy to hold in the hand. The materials used for the build are aluminum and plastic, including some color sections.

Now let’s take a closer look at how these headphones actually sound.

The Lows

The Lows are natural and anemic, but they still sound engaging. Even though the lows sound interesting and fun, the detail retrieval is still on a high level. The best of the lows quality can be seen when playing rock, electronic, jazz or pop music.

The Midrange

The midrange is detailed and the sound reproduction is accurate, so they are somewhere in between being overly detailed and neutral. The balance and the neutrality of these headphones help them reproduce a sound the way it was intended to be.

The Highs

When talking about the sound signature of these headphones, they are a bit on the bright side. The high ends sound sparkly, but not to the point that they become too loud or uncomfortable.


Bearing in mind the fact that these are closed-back headphones primarily intended for portable use, not much can be expected in terms of soundstage. However, they still give an impression of spaciousness and lushness of sound. You no longer have the feeling that the sound is only between the right and the left cap.

You get a perfect sense of where the sound is coming from and the great imaging makes you hear each and every instrument separately. The good news is that this is a pair of closed-back headphones, thus the sound isolation and the sound leakage are on a minimal level. This makes them the perfect headphones for outdoor use on the train or the tube.

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