Get Samsung Crystal 4K UHD TV at a Starting Price of Rs. 28,990 With Innovative Features Like One Billion True Colors, HDR10+, and Dolby Digital Plus

Get Samsung Crystal 4K UHD TV at a Starting Price of Rs. 28,990 With Innovative Features Like One Billion True Colors, HDR10+, and Dolby Digital Plus

Samsung has been making TV history and continues to do so even now. And right now is the perfect time to get a Samsung TV for your home. If you love watching movies, TV shows and playing games on a big screen and have a budget of under Rs. 30,000, then the Samsung Crystal 4K UHD TV should be in your cart. This TV by Samsung promises to deliver a smart 4K experience with all the latest tech and features that will blow your mind.

The price of the Samsung Crystal 4K UHD TV has been slashed to Rs. 28,990, on top of which attractive cashback and exchange offers are also running.

What makes a TV perfect for content consumption? One Billion True Colors, HDR10+, Dolby Digital Plus, Adaptive Sound, and other latest features. Guess what? All of these come with the Samsung Crystal 4K UHD TV that is available at an irresistible price tag.

Let’s tell you more about this feature-loaded TV that is all set to enhance your content-consuming experience:

One Billion True Colors, PurColor and Ultra Clean View for perfect picture quality

With One Billion True Color technology, this Samsung UHD TV makes watching content almost like you are experiencing it live. It brings reality to the TV screen, with existing colours being represented in their natural state.

And the PurColor technology allows Samsung Crystal 4K UHD TV to express almost all shades of colour for optimal picture performance. Most TVs in the market, focus on the adjustment points of primary colours Red, Green, and Blue. But PurColor focuses on primary and secondary colours Magenta, Cyan and Yellow.

Ultra Clean View feature analyzes the original content with an advanced algorithm. It gives you high-quality images with less distortion and improved details, so you can enjoy a clear picture all the time. Ultra Clean View will upgrade the scene to a much clearer picture, it works like magic and will bring wonders to your TV viewing experience.

HDR10+ for crisp visuals

Samsung Crystal 4K UHD TV comes with an HDR10+ technology that increases the range of light levels on your TV, so you enjoy rich, accurate colour and deeper contrast with crisp details. This technology helps in shifting the colour and contrast scene by scene, allowing you to appreciate even minor details. So, with HDR10+, you will have an improved sense of dark and bright colour for every picture that appears on the screen. In short, this technology makes every aspect of the picture stand out.

More screen, less beze

Samsung Crystal 4K UHD TV comes with a sleek, elegant design that is surely a head-turner for all. It also blends well with our next-gen modern home set-ups. This Samsung UHD TV’s 3-side bezel-less design can provide you with such an immersive visual experience that you will feel that you are part of the content itself. Not just that, but for the ones who love gaming, Samsung Crystal 4K UHD TV’s design will give them an extra edge whenever they turn on their game mode.

Auto Game Mode and Motion Xcelerator for a smooth gaming experience

This Samsung UHD TV will let the gamer inside you take the next step with Auto Game Mode and Motion Xcelerator technologies. You will be able to experience a clear picture and performance while playing games as these technologies help the TV to provide a better frame transition and low latency. Bring home Samsung Crystal 4K UHD TV and make it your new perfect gaming partner, so it can help you win in all of your favourite gaming titles.

Film Mode so you can enjoy your favourite movies

The Film Mode in the Samsung Crystal 4K UHD TV brings the best theatrical experience that ensures you see and hear the content the way it was meant to be viewed. Just switch on the TV, put on your favourite film or a TV show, grab a popcorn bucket and enjoy. Also, while you are at this, don’t forget to switch on the Film Mode for an at-home cinema experience.

Dolby Digital Plus and Adaptive Sound, so you can enjoy films to the fullest

The minute you start watching a film on the Samsung Crystal 4K UHD TV, you know you are in for a treat. Why do we say that? Because this UHD TV’s speakers come with Dolby Digital Plus that aim to make you enjoy the 3D sound effects in the theatrical content in the best possible way. The speakers also feature the Smart Adaptive Sound mode, which plays a crucial role by adjusting the sound according to the user’s content for an optimal viewing experience.

TV Plus offers several free channels

If you bring home Samsung Crystal 4K UHD TV and straight-away log into Samsung’s TV Plus app then you’ll be able to watch 55 global and local live channels that include the top news, sports, and entertainment channels. Samsung TV Plus app is truly your free ticket to non-stop entertainment. No downloads, sign-ups, credit cards or subscriptions are required, just log in and get started.

Universal Guide, so you have to search less and watch more

We all know that when it comes to choosing the content to watch, we usually end up wasting a lot of time opening the various OTT platforms. Well, with Universal Guide on the TV, you will be able to spend more time watching rather than searching. This helpful feature helps users find their favourite movies and TV shows from among a list of curated content from India’s popular streaming apps. Isn’t that just mind-blowing?

Music Player, so are you are never bored

Samsung Crystal 4K UHD TV comes with a built-in Music Player, that promises to enhance the overall audio experience by adding realistic visual elements to the playlist, so you can enjoy music as per your mood. This Samsung UHD TV also features the music-streaming app Gaana, which provides access to thousands of songs at your fingertips anytime.

Built-in Voice Assistants, so you can control the TV with voice commands

This Samsung UHD TV has built-in connectivity with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Bixby, so you can easily access a more convenient and connected ecosystem. You can comfortably search for your favourite content, change channels, adjust volume, control playback and more just by commanding the voice assistant. It’s 2022 and in-built voice assistants are a must for any TV, and Samsung Crystal 4K UHD TV is offering 3 options to choose from.

PC Mode to make your Work from Home experience easier

This innovative and exciting feature allows you to transform this Samsung UHD TV into a personal computer. It will also enable you to create documents or work from the cloud. PC Mode includes wireless screen mirroring without an internet connection for a big screen or extended screen experience. Samsung Crystal 4K UHD TV is for all, film lovers, gamers, and workaholics.

Price and Availability

Samsung Crystal 4K UHD TV comes in multiple screen size variants like 43″, 50″, 55″, and 65″. It is currently available at starting price as low as Rs. 28,990 on Amazon and Flipkart. So what are you waiting for? Go get this Samsung UHD TV for yourself right now, so you can experience content like never before.

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