The New Hitman Game Hasn't Changed Much, and That's Good

The New Hitman Game Hasn’t Changed Much, and That’s Good

April 10, 2017 Richard Gomez 0

The newest game in the Hitman series is simply called Hitman, with no subtitle or number. Until now, not much was known about the game, which is due in December. Developer IO Interactive has decided that instead of releasing the entire game in one go via both physical and digital distribution, Hitman will be out digitally first. According to the developers, the world of Hitman will be ever-changing, with a regular stream of content pushed out to keep players in a “live and ever expanding world of digital assassinations.” The ambiguity of the phrasing led many a gamer wonder if this would end up like some games in early access, with features stripped out until the final update. It's a move that would have compromised gameplay completely.
At Gamescom 2015, Square Enix walked us through a level in Hitman allaying our fears and showing us what lies ahead for series protagonist Agent 47. The mission we played saw us assassinating Viktor Novikov, an spymaster-oligarch. The level place ..

Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae Impressions: No Fun, No Fantasy

Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae Impressions: No Fun, No Fantasy

February 15, 2016 Richard Gomez 0

Final Fantasy XV (FFXV) is a game that's been nearly a decade in the making, and we spent a little time with the demo – Episode Duscae – trying it out ourselves. The game looks great, and steeped in detail. Does the rest of the demo hold up, or does FFXV favour style over substance?
The Final Fantasy series of role-playing games (RPGs) has been around since 1987. It's seen 14 games (including two massively multiplayer online RPGs) and several spin-off games. And while that might sound like a lot for newcomers to the series to digest, it's important to note that barring certain themes and elements, each game in the mainline series features a completely different set of characters, storyline, and setting. You don't need to know the events of previous entries to be able to make sense of the story of the game you're playing.
This makes the series a less daunting prospect for many an RPG neophyte. Meanwhile, old timers who play FFXV will know that it started life ..