Amazon Fire Tablet Review: Does a Lot for $50

February 9, 2016 6
The thing to remember about Amazon's new $50 Fire tablet is that it's a $50 tablet. It's not as light or as thin as a tablet that costs five or six times more. The camera isn't as good, and the screen isn't as sharp. But it w

Trouble in Taiwan’s Tech Sector

February 9, 2016 7
Home | Laptops | Laptops Features Trouble in Taiwan's Tech Sector Paul Mozur, The New York Times , 18 January 2016 With its offices sporting wood flooring, a roof painted bright orange and conference rooms named after target markets in Southeast

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition) review

July 16, 2017 0
Remember when people used personal computers – desktops and laptops – to check email, view video and keep tabs on Facebook? Back in that far-away era, I'd have several windows open for Web browsers, a word processor, a photo editor a