Sticko Tiny Sticky Phone Mount

The Sticko is a versatile phone mount designed to offer you an easy way to mount your smartphone on any smooth surface. As we can see from the images, the phone mount features ultra portable design, and consists of two same tiny units put together using a flexible connector, each one comes with a pair of powerful suction cups in order to steadily grip your smartphone and fix it on any smooth surface such as windscreen, wall, mirror and etc, moreover, using multiple Sticko phone mount you even can mount your iPad on the wall, apart from that, the phone mount comes with a plastic 3.5mm connector for easy to carry.


Sticko is a versatile mounting solution for your Phones. The Tiny Sticky Phone Mounts are simply composed of two suction cups to help you place the phone on an elevated level to have better views or listening. You can adjust Sticko to use it as a stand or just align a couple of them to show them off to friends. Furthermore, it will have an inbuilt lobster clamp for easy of access and an earphone prendas jack so that it remains tied up with your phone at all times.


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