Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6


What is the Samsung Galaxy S6?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 desires little or no introduction. The Galaxy vary currently arrives with virtually the maximum amount fanfare associate degreed ballyhoo as an iPhone. And just like the iPhone six, the Galaxy S6 is Samsung’s flagship – the phone that it’ll promote quite the other.

And there’s a reason we tend to mention Samsung’s massive contestant promptly. The Galaxy S6 is real statement of intent from the Korean manufacturer. this is not a feature-packed phone in an exceedingly plastic body. off from it. The Samsung Galaxy S6 has toss all the uncertain style choices of its predecessors. this is often a premium phone – in each look and feel.

While it does not quite have the trendy class of the Galaxy S6 Edge, the S6 has robust legs to square on all an equivalent. there is the simplest five.1-inch QHD screen you will find on a phone, a powerhouse of a processor and a extremely capable 16-megapixel rear-facing camera. As we’ve already alluded to, the glass and metal style may be a Brobdingnagian discovery from last year’s chrome-painted plastic-edged Galaxy S5.

Not each move is positive, though. in an exceedingly bid to out-Apple Apple, Samsung has removed a number of the key options that created such a lot of folks love its previous phones. Not having the ability to alter the battery won’t be a giant deal to most people, however the dearth of expandable phone storage via microSD card definitely is.

Both are sacrificed for style and wireless charging practicality, because the S5 headline feature – water resistance.

How simple it’s to forgive these compromises depends on your desires. tho’|notwithstanding} you are a rock-ribbed microUSB user though you ought to provide the Galaxy S6 an opportunity. It isn’t only 1 of the foremost engaging phones on the market, however one amongst the foremost capable we’ve ever seen.

Samsung Galaxy S6 – style

Metal chassis; Gorilla gorilla Glass four rear; 142 x seventy x 7mm; 132g; Home button; Soft keys

Samsung has managed to create the Galaxy S6 a great-looking phone. The Galaxy S6 Edge is arguably the additional trendy of the 2, however you simply have to be compelled to pay additional for it if you actually wish to. swish Gorilla gorilla Glass four front and rear, and metallic element alloy bands on the edges, suggests that appearance and sounds like flagship phone. in contrast to last year’s S5, the S6 sounds like it’s price over £500/$684.99. That’s necessary.

Less roaring square measure a number of the color choices, though. The “jewel tones” – as Samsung calls them – embrace White Pearl, Gold noble metal, Black Sapphire, Blue Topaz and inexperienced Emerald. The brighter colors conjointly tend to be fingerprint magnets thus keep a spare material handy if you decide for one in all those.

Some finishes have a small twin key to them, in order that they seem to vary color looking on however the sunshine shines on them. The impact is a lot of refined than the pink/gold dance orchestra on the HTC M9, however it will still look to a small degree tacky, notably in Blue Topaz and Gold noble metal.

The phone is light but still feels solid, and it’s slimmer than the Galaxy S5. In fact, despite its large 5.1-inch screen, it doesn’t feel that much chunkier or clumsier than the dinky, 4-inch iPhone 5S. Thin metal volume and power keys live on opposite sides, which helps avoid accidentally pressing power key as we experienced with the HTC One M9.

One move that doesn’t work so well is the speaker placement. It now sits awkwardly at the base of the phone, rather than the back as it did on the Galaxy S5. Neither placement is particularly helpful, as they’re easy to block when held normally. This muffles the sound in the natural way you’d hold it while playing a game or watching a movie. Another issue is that the home key is slightly raised, making it easy to press accidentally while it’s in your pocket.


The rear of the phone may be a less of a style success. The camera protrudes around 2mm creating it look to a small degree sort of a break-out on the face of AN unfortunate juvenile person. Some folks are fazed but others however the key purpose is that it slides in and out of your pocket simply due to sloping edges. The SIM-tray sits flush with the aspect and if you’ll keep hold of the annoyingly elusive SIM-ejector tool or use a clip, the receptacle pops out firmly while not an excessive amount of problem.

There area unit one or two additional real drawbacks to the fresh Galaxy S6’s style, though. Glass could also be straightforward to grip however it’s thus super sleek that the S6 dives off several surfaces like archangel Phelps at the primary hint of a beginning whistle – we’ve caught the S6 on the sting of potential destruction on varied occasions throughout our time reviewing it.

Using a case or resting the phone on a rough surface reduces the frequency of those suicide dives, however a less slippery end may need been higher. It’s swings and roundabouts tho’. we tend to like the planning of the Glass-backed Galaxy S6 however felt safer with the S5’s grippy, mark back.

The S6 is not waterproof just like the Galaxy S5, thus you wish to require additional care than before. Mind you, we’ll be shocked if Samsung doesn’t unleash AN IP-rated Galaxy S6 ‘Active‘ variant within the returning weeks or months.


5.1-inch; 1440 x 2560 pixels (QHD or 2K); 577ppi; Super AMOLED; Gorilla gorilla Glass four

The 5.1-inch screen on the Samsung Galaxy S6 is actually sensible and positively one amongst the simplest screens we’ve seen on a transportable. solely the LG G4 and Galaxy Note four will match it for sharpness, however the Super AMOLED panel on the S6 is cut on top of in each alternative respect.

Compared to most LCD-screened phones the Galaxy S6’s screen is additional vivacious, although Full HD (1080p) screens look even as sharp unless you begin observing the screen from some of inches away. The S5’s screen is simply as vivacious because the S6, however the S6 produces cleaner, additional natural whites. Whites look slightly blue on the S5, whereas the S6 appearance nearer to the iPhone half-dozen, that is that the best during this department.

But there’s no skeptical that has the simplest distinction. AMOLED screens don’t have a conventional backlight, which implies blacks seem absolutely black. this implies videos and photos look fantastic, whereas the punchier colors outshine the iPhone six still. it’s nice inside and holds up well even in direct daylight.Read also: OLED VS liquid crystal displaySamsung’s TouchWiz UI permits you to regulate the show colors to suit the user’s preferences, and that we found that the AMOLED image setting made the foremost color trustworthy results while not heavily sacrificing ringing. Apple’s iPhone six is that the benchmark for color accuracy however the Galaxy S6 is nearer to the iPhone than the other phone we have seen.The screen appearance smart from each viewing angle, too, creating it excellent for sharing videos and photos on. There very isn’t any department wherever this screen doesn’t surpass. It’s sensible.


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