808 Audio delivers the Performer suspended ear cups headphones

With so many different kind of headphone models to choose from in the market, just which particular model do you think you ought to settle for? It can get very confusing, but if quality (and price being of no object) is what you are looking for, then you might want to pick something up that the industry experts have come up with. I am referring to 808 Audio and their latest pair of suspended ear cups headphones, known as the Performer. The Performer was developed after 808 Audio roped in DJs and sound engineers to work on the design, ending up with suspended ear cups, 40mm drivers, and 90° ear cup rotation in both Bluetooth and wired models.

808 Audio might be relatively new to the scene, but do not use that as a negative point against them. This particular audio brand was conceived from the roots of hip hop and EDM, and has just announced the Performer Headphones, being the first-ever headphone (iron maiden photography) that boasts of ear cup suspension technology. Specially designed to deliver an instant and tailored fit, it is ideal for long listening sessions as well as all-night sets ensuring that you do not end up with “ear burns”, so to speak.

808 Audio Delivers

The Performer received its design inspiration from a high-end studio

microphone mount, and being the first of its kind, it delivers the best possible ergonomic fit regardless of your head size, being able to adjust itself to your ears with great acoustic sealing and enhanced noise isolation. Not only that, it has been tailored deliver additional bass compared to those found with a flat curve, making it ideal for DJs who are not content with just playing music, but wanting to feel their music, too.

The Performer will arrive with a standard detachable cable for $79.99, while the Performer BT that boasts of a detachable cable with in-line Mic alongside fully wireless Bluetooth functionality will cost another $20 more, bringing the price point to $99.99. One can pick from multiple colors and finishes for either model.

808 Audio Delivers

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