What Is the Recommended Test Automation Strategy?

There is no single ideal strategy for automated testing of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Each company that relies on this software has its own unique features, goals, testing scope, budget and time resources. Yet, every organization should take the time to select the right test cases and appropriate test coverage. Businesses should also consider whether the official Microsoft test automation tool is sufficient and what other options are available.

You can find these and other useful recommendations in this article.

Prioritize Test Cases

To develop an optimal testing strategy and make the right choice of an automation tool, you need to assess your organization’s needs and expectations and prioritize your test cases.

Testing the entire Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite will give you a comprehensive understanding of the software behavior, but even with the highest level of automation, this can still be quite a challenge. It’s best to start testing with the elements of the software that have the greatest impact on your business. In addition, consider automating tests that are error-prone, repetitive, and time-consuming.

Choose Appropriate Automation Tool

Once you understand the scope of the tests after prioritization, you can estimate the time required to prepare and execute them using various testing tools available on the market.

If you want to focus on functional testing and have testing experts with programming skills, you can consider the official Microsoft automation tool RSAT.

If you want to go beyond functional testing to evaluate the performance of Microsoft Dynamics 365, for example, you will need to either build your own testing infrastructure using one of the open-source libraries like Selenium or use a no-code solution like Executive Automats that will allow you to test your system right after the installation of the software. The latter option involves an initial investment but allows you to save much more money on expensive developers’ work.

Build Effective Tests and Plan Testing Routine

Whether you use the Microsoft automation tool, Executive Automats, or any other tool for test automation, remember that the most effective tests have minimal conditions and allow for straightforward evaluation of the tested features. This way, you can identify the root cause of software problems more accurately and quickly.

Additionally, use the full potential of a Microsoft test automation tool while planning your testing schedule. Ideally, test your Microsoft Dynamics 365 system after every code modification including official system updates and customizations of your own. Remember, an automated tool allows you to test the suite anytime you need to do it without human supervision, so you can schedule your testing at night or on weekends.

To understand whether your test automation is effective or not, you should continuously monitor automated tests and detect failures. Executive Automats can help you with this task with its automated reporting.

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