Daily routine of a HGV drive

Is it easy to be an HGV driver?

The answer to the question if it’s easy to be an HGV driver is complicated, as it depends on personal preference. 

There’s no doubt it’s a rewarding and varied job, of high economic importance, but at the same time drivers have to stay away from home for a long time, and it is a heavy responsibility to drive a Heavy Goods Vehicle.

Adding up the transporting of hazardous loads, like petrol, or other dangerous chemicals, seems like quite the task. Everyday, what else is expected of HGV drivers?

A safe journey begins with preparation

It’s not enough to turn the engine on and head out. Every HGV driver is legally responsible for checking the vehicle’s safety every day. DVSA checklists are used for the daily walkaround check of trucks, in which drivers tick off the elements that need to be checked such as mirrors, fluid levels, coupling security, warning lights, washers, and tyres. It is mandatory to report any discovered defects in writing. The UK government’s website has the guidance. 

Coupling a trailer 

Driving a truck with a trailer is a highly responsible job, especially when thinking about the heavy load the drivers transport. HGV drivers are required to demonstrate high skills in the area of coupling and uncoupling trailers, which is one of the most important daily routine tasks. You will surely learn it with ease at the training of Easy As HGV

Coupling is one important thing, and alignment is another one, as it prevents the trailer from falling.  Can you even imagine the consequences of wrong coupling or alignment, resulting in dropping the load and putting the other drivers in danger.

Keep the load secure 

With heavy load in the trailer, there is no space for the goods moving inside, causing the trailer to swing, or even fall. The drivers of HGVs need to insecure the load themselves, or make sure the people responsible for the job did their best to ensure safe driving. 

It’s also important to protect the goods from stealing, especially with flexible curtains covering the trailer, which without correct affixation may be the incentive for the thieves.

Keep other drivers and pedestrians safe

No one should doubt their responsibility when driving an HGV. Despite the fact that drivers are said to travel easier due to their position in the cab, place a person in front of the truck and see what happens. HGVs have blind spots as well, so remember that next time you want to overtake one.

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