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Spanish electric bicycle manufacturer has announced two new models that are very much inspired by the look of motorbikes of the 1950s.

The OtoK and OtoR cycles weigh between 23 and 25kg, run quietly and are autonomous for around 24 to 40 miles (40 to 65km). They are each custom made with “no two alike” and the colour can be chosen from a wide palette. The seat and tires can also be chosen to suit.

Both bikes are made from steel and are fitted with saddle seats. They also feature LCD displays with cycle computers and 250W electric motors. Of course, pedal power can also be employed, which charges the motors, running on Samsung 36V batteries.

The OtoR can also be upgraded with more powerful motors – 500W for speeds up to 26mph, 750W for speeds up to 34mph. The cuffs on this model can also be customised.

Otocycles - Spanish Electric Bicycle

The two new electric bikes can be ordered from Otocycles at otocycles.com, but you might have to wait a while to have them delivered as they will be built to order. For those who cannot wait and do not require custom fittings or colours, some are already in stock to be bought off the shelf.

Prices are available on request.

Located in Spain, Barcelona, Otocycles are conceived by a team of engineers and designers that combine green transportation and the modernity of an electric bicycle with a vintage style design, building a line of exclusive bikes that allow users running through the streets without breaking a sweat, offering them great performance and comfort.
Being made by hand, the Otocycle is completely customizable: it comes in an array of colors, tire styles  and saddles, motor, battery and other components, allowing users to personalize the rides with their own unique style.

These super stylish two-wheeled machines are tested and certified by Applus, complying with all current regulations for electric bicycles.
So, if the magnificent retro look of Oto`s stylish bicycles wasn`t enough to raise your interest, here are some technical specs that definitely prove that these bikes are some of the best we`ve seen lately, electric or otherwise:  made from lightweight steel and equipped with an NCM battery and rear hub motor that can be switched on in lieu of peddling, they accelerate to accelerate to 30 miles per hour. The bikes have front led headlights that efficiently illuminates the ride at night and a pedal-powered LCD display keeping tabs on the speed and functionality of the bike.


MORE INFO: http://otocycles.com


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