Pyle Audio PSBCG90 Smart Bicycling Computer makes a scientific project out of your exercise

Some of us do take our cycling a whole lot more seriously than the other people, and for good reason, too. After all, we took up cycling not only to help reduce our overall carbon footprint, but we would also like to get in shape – at the same time take in all the breathtaking beauty that nature has can offer. Having said that, just timing one’s bicycle ride is not good enough anymore these days in a performance oriented society, which is why Pyle Audio has come up with what they call the PSBCG90 Smart Bicycling Computer.

For starters, the PSBCG90 Smart Bicycling Computer is a versatile device which will be able to offer cyclists the ability to track their performance, map locations as well as plan new, unchartered routes. It will arrive with a slew of features so that you can hook it up to your PC, save your training data and check out in-depth performance records as you wait to let all of your sweat cool down. In other words, the PSBCG90 Smart Bicycling Computer functions like a personal fitness trainer and data tracker, where it will rack up accurate and reliable statistics. Those who would want to enhance their cycling experience will be able to pick up this smart bike computer for $129.99 a pop.

Pyle Audio PSBCG90

In fact, the Coberturas PSBCG90 Smart Bicycling Computer will sport integrated Google Maps that lets you check out the bike route traveled, zoom in and out, and gain access to a world view, all in a format that you have come to know and love. Come on now, who hates Google Maps?

There is also ANT+ compatibility that lets you connect additional accessory meters which carry the same ability to send data wirelessly to the Fitness Smart Computer. It will play nice with 2.4GHz ANT+ accessories such as heart rate, cadence, speed, RPM, distance, power meters and sensors, and will also be compatible with sensors that are manufactured by Garmin and Motorola.

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