Sony MDR-XB950BT headphone

Sony MDR-XB950BT

Being a musician, I’m continually looking for the excellent sound, that superb balance of bass, treble and mids. I used to be just a little skeptical when I obtained the Sony XB950BT headphones to check. when I saw additional Bass written throughout the large Sony box, I imagined this could be standard bass-boost fare. I could add that i am a video editor, and so I used to be watching at these headphones from the factor of how good it helps me obtain the ultimate to-visual stability.

The headphones come neatly packed in a sturdy field with the usual micro-USB charging cable and a 1.2mm cable. The black matte finish with streaks of muted red around the cans give these headphones a demure sense of sophistication. not like different flashy, brightly-colored over-priced headphones these don’t draw the eye out, as an alternative they only make a tremendous deal of the ear and therein lies all the difference. Given the average Indian trip, with its dust and filth, any vivid colour goes to seem pale and dirty within weeks. The metal grey band with padding for head help makes it a at ease wear.

The ergonomic ear-pads are cozy and believe me when I say this. I commonly sit down and work on video edits for 4-5 hour stretches. These headphones are over-the-ear cans which are very nice to put on unlike some sick designed pieces which end up hurting the ear greater than making it a enjoyable expertise.

The headphone ear-portions swivel fully on their axis to make it effectively foldable. once I used to be now not utilizing them it was once convenient to hold them round my neck, folded-up flat, cans down – makes the entire change while using the packed-out Metro.

The headphones have a volume toggle, a play/pause toggle, a bass-improve button, a micro-USB port, a EP in and a built-in mic all neatly situated on the edge of the headphone can hiding it from undeniable sight yet making it effortlessly accessible.

I put this headphone piece by means of quite a lot of levels of sound mixes and song genres. I used to be keen to peer how it will participate in in interplay with more than a few environs with differing decibel levels of noise.

Sitting in office, I started off by way of playing Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E minor, a ritual I comply with when trying out new headphones. inside the first 7 minutes of the primary movement, I knew that this set was not going to disappoint. by means of the arpeggios of the soloist and the swaying tempo, each instrument in the track was clearly and uniquely decipherable, rich and in full tone, an awfully enjoyable expertise.

Via different genres of the quiet understated folks songwriter, unbiased song and bass heavy hip-hop tracks I liked what I used to be listening to. via all of the tracks that I performed – guitar heavy rock, the gentle-nuanced notes of the upright bass or the crisp shrill notes of the trumpet, this headphone set delivered clear, processed wealthy sound. Coming to vocal heavy music, i tried it with Allegri’s ‘Miserere mei, Deus’ a piece written for 2 choirs, an a cappella type.

It delivered, rendering superb clear tones, giving that mild bass undertone when the male choir kicked in. The efficiency on this track fairly had me impressed.

On the trip back dwelling, I took an auto for the duration of height-hour traffic and did a road-experiment of sorts.

The headphones gave clear smooth wealthy sound, even delivering powerful tones for tender jazz pieces for the period of the loud hustle-bustle of 6.30pm Outer Ring street visitors. There’s an additional rationalization though. at the same time this headphone is apt-
X suitable ( aptX is an audio codec which is designed to encode a CD best/44.1kHz audio flow without a loss in first-rate by way of a high knowledge switch price) my MacBook pro ( OS X Mavericks) is using a SBC audio codec. I’m nonetheless trying to figure how you can exchange the codec to apt-X. I also discovered that the Nexus 5 which I notably use for music is just not apt-X compatible too ( as far as i know).

I located the bass-increase button a bit of redundant. Out of the two weeks that I used the headphones I didn’t once want the bass-raise. rather when I tried it out, the bass-enhance simply seemed like a badly equalised bass player, alarmes drowning out the readability and sharpness of the entire monitor. This bass-improve is valuable only in circumstances where the track will not be equalized properly, like dwelling-recordings, etc.


There are some disorders I located while utilizing the headphones. whilst enhancing a video task for a mobile-overview, I observed that there was once a common latency. in the beginning I although it was once simply as a result of a gradual render however after I regarded closely I found that have been was once a 7-10 frame lag. this is very likely because of the onboard processing.


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Sony MDR-XB950BT


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