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Pure Mayhem

The Pure Mayhem Pure Flexi headphones are some distance from the finest build quality; they’re simple and plastic-y, but with a rate tag of £25 (from morecomputers.com) it’s simplest to be expected. The design is a simple black plastic headband, with a yellow pleather cushion on the top and earpads produced from the equal fabric, incorporating the Pure Mayhem monogram on the outsides.

The design and colour scheme are immediately reminiscent of the classic Sennheiser HD414 headphones, but there are absolutely worse models one might ape. They’re no longer overly garish in the method of some Skullcandy or Beats with the aid of Dre offerings, and they’re more than stylish adequate to wear in public.

Remedy-shrewd, they fit quite good, with protracted use offering no annoyances. You won’t suppose as if they may be no longer there with the aid of any manner of means, however they equally won’t clamp down hard ample after just a few hours to make you suppose like you’re in whole don’t forget both.

Some of the key features of this pair of headphones is the infinitely adjustable nature of the earcups. rather than the ratchet procedure customarily implied via most over-ear headphones, the Pure Flexi’s method is a sliding motion that can be used to position the cups in any role, together with detaching them altogether will have to the mood take you. nonetheless, effortless though this can be, the lack of outlined settings will pressure any person with OCD traits to the point of distraction.

Pure Mayhem Pure Flexi Headphones: Audio great and Specs

They’re also now not wonderful at reducing out ambient noise. There’s no lively noise-cancelling technology, and the seal over your ear isn’t excellent enough to block out what’s occurring round you. moreover, which means that listening at any type of high quantity is going to intent audio leaking, so these would now not be the great guess for taking up the tube.

Audio excellent was moderately spectacular for the reason that the cost – it wasn’t radically tinny, and the tonal stability was once pretty good. the only thing we noticed used to be a moderate tendency closer to distortion on the low finish, however it’s so moderate as to be barely valued at citing. The treble and midranges are all vibrant, clear and punchy ample, and the Pure Mayhem cans fared as well with classical as they did with guitar and vocal-led rock tracks.

They don’t have the depth of the Sennheiser HD 429s, which also have sharper treble. nevertheless, with the exception of that, there isn’t nearly as much of a drop in high-quality from the more pricey brand as you’d expect.

The Flexis additionally rivaled the low-priced-watching, bass-heavy Skullcandy UpRocks both in terms of design and audio capabilities. Bearing in mind that this is the first effort of a tiny design collective, it’s a reputable fulfillment.

The headphones have a 1.2m lengthy twine that’s a just right dimension for cellular gadgets and private stereos, providing a cozy length with out extra trailing cables, despite the fact that users wanting to plug them right into a computer or hi-Fi process could struggle. they arrive geared up with a standard 3.5mm jack, as well as a one-button far off and microphone for handsfree calling.

In terms of tech specs, the Pure Flexi headphones boast a frequency response of 15Hz~20KHz and a sensitivity of 113dB+3dB, with 40mm drivers and an impedance of 32 ohms.

Pure Mayhem



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