Canon 7DmarkII [year] 1

Canon 7DmarkII 2022

November 8, 2014 PTdrivers 3

It has been 5 years since Canon first launched its universally lauded 7D digicam, which continues to be among the many finest decisions for professionally […]

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Review: Bad Looking, but Great to Play 2

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Review: Bad Looking, but Great to Play

February 17, 2016 PTdrivers 0

This generation of consoles has seen many high definition remasters of games, from heavy hitters like Grand Theft Auto V to scrappy indie titles like Guacamelee. If you're playing a game on your Xbox One or Playstation 4 then chances are that you've heard of it before, if not experienced it already. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD fits into this category. It's a remaster of a PlayStation Portable (PSP) game that never made it out of Japan until now. Much like the recent games in the series (except Final Fantasy XIV), its a heady mix of futuristic technology and magic.
The game is set in the world of Orience. Its four kingdoms are at war and you control Class Zero, an elite group of fourteen student soldiers who can wield weapons and magic. Each member is named after a card in a pack such as Ace, Seven, and Jack. After the prologue, you'll find yourself in an academy that is reminiscent of Hogwarts in the sense that its essentially a school for magic. There's a definit..