Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Review: It's Fast but Is It Fantastic? 1

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Review: It’s Fast but Is It Fantastic?

The fight for the top football game of the year has been hotly contested for years between Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) and EA Sports' FIFA. Every year, Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) makes yet another 'comeback', and its latest stab comes in the form of PES 2016. We liked the little we played of the game at Gamescom 2015, but does the full game match up? Read on to find out.
The first thing you'll notice in PES 2016 is how fast it is. Every single action on the pitch, from passing, shooting, or heading, is all done at an almost manic pace. It's very different from FIFA 16, which rewards thoughtful, strategic play.
On the other hand, each match in PES 2016 is an adrenaline-fuelled romp that has you acting on instinct. It rewards attacking and creative build ups. This means that if you enjoyed earlier instalments of FIFA, which played up pace over other attributes, then you'll find yourself right at home with PES 2016.
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FIFA 16 Review: Inclusive, but Is It for Everyone? 2

FIFA 16 Review: Inclusive, but Is It for Everyone?

It's extremely likely that regardless of the score at the end of this review, you already have an opinion on FIFA 16. Publisher Electronic Arts (EA) put out a demo earlier in the month, the full game was available this week as a free 10-hour trial via the Xbox One's EA Access program, and street date breaks resulted in copies available early in many a retail store (which is how we got our copy). This is why some of you already know if you are going to buy FIFA 16 or not, if you haven't already. If you're looking for validation or a reason to rage, go straight to the score below. As for the rest of you, who are still deciding whether you want to play FIFA 16, keep reading.
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Every year, developer EA Sports tries to justify the need for you to buy its latest football game. We've seen a lot of these annual changes, both big and small. From the monumental jump between FIFA 08 and FIFA 09, to the subtle prese..