CMD Commands Every Windows User Must Know 1

CMD Commands Every Windows User Must Know

Home | Laptops | Laptops Features CMD Commands Every Windows User Must Know by Gadgets 360 Staff , 11 January 2016 Back in the day, using a desktop computer meant typing in a range of commands. You have to realise that roughly two decades ago, there wasn't any Start menu or a taskbar. The friendly graphics user interface as we know it today didn't exist, and a black screen with a blinking cursor was all we had. Things have significantly changed since, though if you want to learn programming, or just want to access certain Windows elements, you will still need to open the command prompt or CMD.
If you've never used command prompt, this guide is aimed at helping you quickly get started and share some of the commands that you should know as Windows user, just in case an emergency arises. These commands can be very helpful to get you out of sticky situations, and into the clear. But first, where do you feed these commands?
It's called command prompt or command line,..