Avion Flight Simulator [year] Review

Avion Flight Simulator 2023 Review

November 14, 2017 Richard Gomez 0

Back in the early 2000s, the INS Vikrant had become a museum ship that was anchored in Mumbai. The ship had a room where one could step into a mock cockpit and play Microsoft Flight Simulator. For a wide-eyed teenager, the illusion was complete – a joystick, a screen surrounded by several dials, knobs, unknown instruments, and a virtual plane that kept crashing. No one ever said flying was easy.
Avion Flight Simulator 2015, an Android game made in Hyderabad, is one of the many flight sims you'll find on Google Play and the App Store, but can a mobile game played without a joystick recreate a great flight simulator experience? The game puts you in the cockpit of various aircraft, and assigns a number of missions. It features 12 aircraft and 5 missions per aircraft, apart from a free flight mode for each plane. Add to that three difficulty levels for each mission, and you can see that this game doesn't suffer from a lack of content.
You start with a basic plane – a Cessna 182..