Just Cause 3 Preview: Everything Is Better With Explosions 1

Just Cause 3 Preview: Everything Is Better With Explosions

March 19, 2017 PTdrivers 0

Open-world third-person shooter series Just Cause is known for its explosions and action-packed gameplay. Creator Avalanche Studios sums up the latest entry, Just Cause 3 as “blowing things up with fun characters,” citing movies such as The Expendables, Tropic Thunder, and True Lies as being some of its inspirations – and rightly so. Almost everything in the game can explode, from cars to satellite arrays and everything in between.
With Avalanche Studios priming it for a December 1 release date, it used Gamescom 2015 as an opportunity to show off some of the game's other features, namely challenge missions.
As the name implies, challenge missions let you test your skills in the fields of wanton destruction and traversal. Each time you participate in challenge missions you go a step closer to unlock game mods that let you enhance your Just Cause 3 experience exponentially.
Some of these include the ability to customise any car in the game- even buses – with a turbo jump or adding..