Must Read: How a 1985 'Computerbabble' Defined Tech Terms Everyone Knows Today 1

Must Read: How a 1985 ‘Computerbabble’ Defined Tech Terms Everyone Knows Today

February 21, 2016 PTdrivers 0

We know that computers have led to a whole army of developments and changes in the English language. “Friend” is now both a noun and a verb, a “sandbox” can be for developers, and a “tablet” is no longer just an ancient relic.
But not all of these changes are recent: The word “e-mail” has been in the Oxford English Dictionary since 1989, and some basic technological jargon began moving toward mainstream English even earlier than that.
For example, take the following entries from a “Layperson's guide to 'computerbabble,'” published in a 1985 edition of the Toronto-based Financial Post.
The guide promises to allow readers to “cut expertly through the jungle of computerbabble,” and gives a rundown of plain language definitions for the words and phrases that were, at that time, starting to escape into wider use but that were not widely known outside of computer scientist circles.
Although often funny in retrospect, the guide is also surprisingly comprehensive. The definition..

Nikon J1 and V1 [year] 2

Nikon J1 and V1 2022

August 17, 2018 PTdrivers 1

With Olympus, Sony and Panasonic having introduced their mirrorless cameras long ago, everyone wondered, when, and even if, the big two, Canon and Nikon would enter the space. After much speculation, Nikon has finally broken the silence with the V1 and J1, two mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras that are part of the new Nikon 1 system.
Not adhering to the tradition micro four thirds standard, Nikon has chosen to develop their own 1-inch sensor dubbed the CX, which has also called for a redesign of not jus the lenses, but also the lens mount. We grab both the cameras and put them through their paces to see whether they live up to the hype that comes from being a flagship Nikon Product.
Note: Units reviewed here are the Black Nikon 1 V1 that came bundled with the 10mm f/2.8 pancake lens and a White Nikon V1 J1 that came bundled with the 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 and the 30-110mm f/3.8-5.6 lenses. Both the lenses that came with the J1 also sport Nikon's proprietary Vibration Reduction te..

Rainbow Six Siege Preview: The Unlikely Social Game 3

Rainbow Six Siege Preview: The Unlikely Social Game

March 18, 2017 PTdrivers 0

Rainbow Six Siege is the latest tactical shooter in the Tom Clancy universe. Some of Ubisoft's attempts to stage a comeback for the series didn't work out too well, as neither Rainbow 6 Vegas nor Rainbox 6 Vegas 2 were very well received on the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360. With Rainbow 6 Siege though, Ubisoft seems to have finally found the right formula for the series.
The last two Rainbow Six featured a single-player campaign, and Rainbow Six Siege is no different. However, this time around the focus is on multiplayer. Our preview at Gamescom 2015 had us squaring off other game journalists in five on five combat. Much like Team Fortress 2 and Battlefield 4, here too you choose your character class at the start of the match. While we had around 10 classes to choose from, the final game will have 20. Different classes have different powers, such as the ability to wield special weapons such as sledge hammers to breach doors, or electronic jammers to keep your foes at bay.