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Evolve Review: The Hunter Is the Hunted

Evolve Review: The Hunter Is the Hunted

Evolve – recently launched for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC – puts you in the claws of a giant bloodthirsty alien monster, or the boots of four hunters that are trying to take it down. The multiplayer game makes you kill or be killed, whether you’re playing as one of the four hunters or the monster. Each of these five roles can be filled by either a human player or the computer AI (works offline), and the asymmetrical multiplayer of Evolve is one of its most interesting aspects.

Usually most multiplayer games have you in teams of equal numbers squaring off against each other in a duel to the death, or employ an each man for himself philosophy. Evolve, on the other hand focuses on teamwork for the four human players, and lets the monster player act like a lone wolf. The greater emphasis on cooperative play over individual glory can be seen evolving as franchises such as Pay Day and Left 4 Dead (which was incidentally made by Turtle Rock, the studio behind Evolve) gain prominence. Evolve marks the next step in this direction.

The game sport a slick sci-fi aesthetic and creative monster designs. All the action takes place on the distant planet of Shear, in a universe where man is attempting to colonise the far reaches of space. It’s a sprawling landscape replete with lush (and hostile) wildlife, peppered with the odd colony or power plant.


After the game’s tutorial that does a solid job of explaining its basic mechanics, you’ll be asked what your preferences are in terms of class types or being the monster. Much like Team Fortress 2, there are a host of character classes to choose from. They’re divided into support, assault, medic and tracker varieties. While the first three are self-explanatory, the tracker class plays a crucial role in hunting down the monster and laying traps to slow it down.

All the characters have a role to play in Evolve’s five match modes. You’ll go from rescuing colonists, to defending a star ship, destroying monster eggs, or simply hunting down a monster in the different modes. The fifth game mode – Evacuation – is the most intense of the bunch, combining the game’s four standalone modes into one gigantic battle royale.

Here, winning a round grants you specific advantages, for example: saving a power plant as Hunters allows you automated turrets in the next match while destroying it as a monster makes the environment in the next match poisonous for hunters. The procedural nature of events allow for unique outcomes and possibilities that make Evolve deceptively deep.


Regardless of the objective, the basic flow is the same. As a match progresses, the monster feeds on natural wildlife and tries to evade detection, levelling up and gaining access to new skills. Meanwhile, the hunters try to pinpoint its location, set traps and do whatever is necessary to find it. When the monster hits stage three of evolution, it becomes a powerful beast capable of total carnage, making the seemingly unfair four versus one split in its favour. From spewing fire to throwing rocks, there are a ton of skills at its disposal, as well as a more than generous health and armour that make the battle surprisingly fun.

It’s not all one-sided though. Hunters have some tricks up their sleeves. Their arsenal ranges from guns that fire lightning to orbital strikes on demand – not the freshest weapons, but a lot of fun to use nonetheless.

Within each of the four hunter classes are three characters you can play as, each with their own unique style. Take medics for example – the starter character is Val – who can heal one team mate at a time with a medigun, quite similar to Team Fortress 2’s medic. Play long enough and you’ll unlock Lazarus, who as the name implies, can raise the dead. The Lazarus Device brings your squad back from the dead, effectively making it twice as hard for the monster to destroy you.


The sheer variety on display when available makes Evolve a treat to play. And the same applies to the monsters. You start off as the Goliath, a Godzilla-esque being with melee based abilities. As you play you unlock others such as the Kraken who deals long range electrical damage and the Wraith who can create decoys and cloak itself.

However don’t expect to have all the classes and monsters available out of the box. To start with only the basic hunters and monster (the Goliath) can be used. As you keep playing, you’ll unlock more advanced hunters and monsters. It’s an interesting system that rewards the most diligent of players. Unlocking everything took us around three to four days but will vary depending on your skills and amount of time you put into the game.

More often than not it felt like a grind, an unnecessary requirement before the game’s full potential could be unleashed. Reason being, in terms of teamwork and co-operative play, Evolve is a completely different beast the moment each character class and monster is readily available. Thankfully you can play offline with bots and gain the necessary experience points to unlock everything. There are no in-app purchases to hasten it either, which is commendable given that other games in the same price range such as Battlefield 3 have succumbed to doing so. However, we have to wonder if such a system was a necessity to begin with.


Odd progression system aside, the second to second gameplay of Evolve is rather good. Playing as a hunter, the gunplay works well enough. Each weapon and ability has a distinct use that’s easy to master thanks to the clearly-detailed controls. You won’t be cycling through a host of guns here; the tap of a button brings up what you need. Each skill or weapon you need is mapped to the face button on the controller, making switching easy.

Furthermore, manoeuvrability across the game’s many maps is managed with the help of a jetpack that allows you to elevate to higher ground and provides a burst of speed to dodge some of the game’s more nasty hazards. Yes, as a hunter you’ll be dealing with more than just monsters. There are man-eating plants and water beasts called Tyrants to contend with as well. In bigger levels, there are minion monsters to fight off too. All of these elements add an amount of variance that makes Evolve’s matches anything but sterile.

Aside from the all but obvious graphical leap that this generation of gaming hardware grants us, it’s nice to see fresh ideas in terms of gameplay. Evolve and last year’s Titanfall are two examples of such originality. While it took the latter a while to get into its stride, it’s nice to see Turtle Rock hit the ground running with a surprisingly competent shooter. All of its elements such as the various class options, environmental hazards, and a slew of monster skills come together to make Evolve a frantic, fast-paced game whose appeal is hard to shake off. Barring the quirky progression system that betrays its depth, there’s very little else that’s wrong. If you’re burnt out playing modern day first-person multiplayer shooters, you may want to evolve to better things.


We played a retail copy of Evolve on the PlayStation 4. It is available on the Xbox One and PC as well, retailing for Rs. 3,499 on consoles and Rs. 999 on PC


  • Varied classes
  • Procedural environments
  • Emphasis on teamwork


  • Quirky progression system

Rating (out of 10): 8

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Fallout 4 Review

Fallout 4 Review

One of many extra amusing tales doing the rounds proper now’s how Fallout four’s launch led to a drop in site visitors for Pornhub. It is a testomony to the recognition of Bethesda’s collection of open-world post-apocalyptic role-playing video games. However is its reputation justified? Most undoubtedly so.

In contrast to previous Bethesda video games comparable to Fallout three, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, it does not take lengthy to start your journey in Fallout four. Within the different video games, you are taken by a prolonged and generally boring opening that does little justice to the remainder of the expertise. In Fallout four, you are shortly thrown into the cruel, merciless world of Boston in document time, and this performs an important position within the recreation’s enchantment.

Your character goes by what occurred the day a nuclear strike decimated the USA, solely to get up in a courageous new world after being frozen for over 200 years. It begins with a easy premise – discover out who killed your vital different, and rescue your son.


Earlier than it, you will be coping with a number of attention-grabbing characters comparable to a nosy, anti-establishment newspaper reporter, a shifty city mayor, a robotic butler with a wonderful sense of humour, and a drug-fuelled fortune teller to call a couple of. All of them sport distinctive dialogue and assist take the narrative ahead in several methods. Plus, they’re entertaining to speak to.


The primary story may be cleared in round 20 hours in the event you so select, however you’d barely be scratching the floor of what Fallout four has to supply. From crafting slick weapons and armour to constructing whole settlements, you will discover that exterior the sport’s many quests, there’s loads of issues to try this will hold you busy.

And none of it exists with out goal. From the memorable, well-realised characters, to the settlements teeming with life, there’s little or no of Fallout four that you’re going to discover tedious. You may discover it extraordinarily onerous to give attention to the principle story because of plenty of enthralling side-missions to undertake and you will not have the ability to transfer quite a lot of steps earlier than discovering one more factor to distract you. That is coupled with refined gameplay mechanics that make Fallout four superior to earlier video games within the collection.

In contrast to Fallout three and Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout four’s gameplay is streamlined. Some may argue that it is a step-down from earlier video games however we beg to vary. For one, the gunplay has been retooled, it is an entire lot extra satisfying and fewer clunky than earlier entries, making real-time fight a deal with. It reminded of us of how taking pictures labored in different Bethesda-published video games comparable to Rage, and Wolfenstein, in that it is visceral, punchy and completely satisfying.


You may nonetheless use V.A.T.S. – the collection’ turn-based taking pictures mechanic to select and select which physique a part of your enemy you’d prefer to purpose at, though it does not freeze time fully because it did in earlier video games. As a substitute, it will merely sluggish it down, permitting you to be hit by opponents in the event you do not shoot in time. It is a welcome change that retains you pondering.


Fight apart, there’s character customisation. You have got seven attributes (or specials as they’re referred to as) to customize as you progress by the sport. These are agility, charisma, endurance, intelligence, luck, notion, and power. As you degree up, you possibly can resolve which specials to speculate wherein tailor your gameplay expertise.

Do you favor that your character is a smooth-talker with the power to affect one and all? Merely spend money on the charisma attribute and its many perks that opens up new dialogue choices and permits you to disarm foes with out firing a shot. Or maybe you’d need to give attention to guaranteeing you are not topic to radiation poisoning? The endurance particular is what you are seeking to give attention to to offer you more durable innards.

It is not significantly ground-breaking and to be sincere, most of Fallout four shouldn’t be. There is a wholesome quantity of streamlined and modified identified gameplay mechanics mixed with additions from different video games like Minecraft with base constructing. None of it feels misplaced although. Somewhat it makes us marvel how did we get by within the earlier video games with out them.


Nevertheless, all of them come collectively to create an expertise that is not too dissimilar to the superlative The Witcher three: Wild Hunt. Positive, Fallout four may not have the attention sweet or structured storytelling of CD Projekt Crimson’s magnum opus, however very like it, Fallout four succeeds in creating an expertise that retains you coming again for extra.


Our solely grouse- albeit a minor one, is how buggy it may be on each consoles and PC. Whereas an annoyance, it did little to maintain us from diving again into Bethesda’s tackle Boston.

With an immersive world, open-ended gameplay choices, and a lot to do, Fallout four is nicely definitely worth the worth of entry. It is like a incredible ebook or an awesome TV present or for a lot of, a substitute for the Web’s favorite video streaming web site that is not Youtube, fully and completely addictive. The distinction being, how and when it ends is totally as much as you. And the probabilities are, you will be spending loads of time in Boston. We all know we have now and might be within the months to return.


  • Immersive recreation world
  • Memorable characters
  • Effectively-written story
  • Brimming with quests
  • Refined gameplay


  • Buggy no matter platform


XCOM 2 Review

XCOM 2 Review

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is one of the best games in the strategy genre and it's easy to see why. The game had a stellar user interface that would give Jony Ive an inferiority complex, a tough but fair set of game rules, and an addictive flow of events that would have you playing till the wee hours of the morning. Is XCOM 2 a worthy successor?

XCOM 2 takes place 20 years after the events of the first game. The world has surrendered to its alien invaders and XCOM – a clandestine group responsible for the planet's last line of defence – is no more. This has resulted in a dystopian rule quashing any semblance of dissent. However, a force is being amassed to rebel against Earth's extra-terrestrial leaders.

(Also see: XCOM 2 Promises to Bring Calculated Dread One Turn at a Time)

It is an interesting premise, and developer Firaxis has injected enough of a story to keep you invested in the proceedings. The story is neatly meshed with several gameplay elements. Much like the last game, you'll spend a large amount of time in XCOM 2 managing your base of operations. This time around it is within the environs of a captured enemy aircraft, known as the Avenger. You'll spruce up its interiors, allowing you access to new weapons and tech facilities, and repurpose rooms to suit your requirements such as recon about the aliens you'll face on the ground, or researching new armour types.


The other half of XCOM 2's gameplay is its on-grounds turn-based combat. You'll square off against enemies in a host of locations such as city squares, countryside churches, and alien facilities, utilising a variety of soldiers and weapons at your disposal. These include rangers, sharpshooters, specialists, psi operatives, and grenadiers.

Each class has its own special skills and abilities. On surviving skirmishes your soldiers gain experience, level up, and gain access to new skills and upgrades. If they die in battle they're gone for good, making you invested in ensuring that they live to see another day. Combat itself is a treat to watch with the camera zooming to capture the spectacle of each headshot, stab, and shotgun blast, making it feel as impactful as it should be.

The first game had you defending the planet, but in XCOM 2, being on the offensive allows for some unique situations. For one, you'll be able to keep your troops concealed from their targets. It allows you to set up and employ guerrilla tactics such as ambushes, propping up your squad to create the perfect kill zone just before you let the grenades fly. It's a great feature that works well with the rest of the game. But another addition to the formula left us feeling a little less overjoyed: timed objectives.


More often than not you'll find yourself having to seize a location or obtain access to points of interest in a set number of turns, and failing to do so results in a game over screen. While it adds a sense of near death tension to the levels, we found that it tends to limits options.

As the game wore on we were forced to play aggressively, making risky decisions in order to meet the demands of the mission timers. It took away the regular set of tactics or tricks we'd usually indulge in, such as having our snipers hold back for cover. XCOM 2 is the rare game that forces you to think differently, but not in a fashion that everyone would necessarily be open to. There are some user-created modifications to rectify this, but a balanced approach to timed objectives would have been welcome, rather than forcing gamers to change it themselves.

Time also impacts the overall flow of the game's events much like before. This time around you're racing to beat the Avatar project. This is an alien weapon that, when complete, would allow your oppressors to consolidate their power. To keep the pressure up, you're informed of its progress with each passing mission. Think of it as a Doomsday Clock, inching closer towards the inevitable.

While you can probably prevent the doom in the world of XCOM 2, there are some glaring concerns that have yet to be worked out with the very game itself. It's been almost two weeks since the game has been out and it performs poorly. We checked it out on two different PCs, both well above the recommended specifications and found it lacking. When in-game or during cut-scenes, it slows down so much that it makes a PowerPoint presentation seem like a Formula 1 race. The frequent frame rate drops and constant stutter make us wonder what Firaxis did with the extra time needed to bring this to PC, forsaking other platforms in the process. Even after the latest patch, very little has changed.


In addition to this, loading times are horrible even with a solid state drive, requiring you to hold the Caps Lock button down to speed it up. The glaring lack of controller support (except for the Steam Controller) does it no favours either, as nor does the user interface. There's very little that's explained in terms of turn by turn mechanics or the overall base management outside the initial tutorials, leading to a game that feels a lot more overwhelming than it should be.

Overall, XCOM 2 is a flawed sequel. Much like Street Fighter V, we can't help but feel that there's a good game here, it's just that the wrong set of features were prioritised in production. We recommend waiting for it to be fixed before putting down your cash.


  • Better narrative
  • Addictive combat
  • Troop concealment


  • Too action-focussed for some
  • Mission timers
  • Appalling PC performance

Rating (out of 10): 7

We played a review copy of XCOM 2 on PC. It's available for Rs. 999 at retail and Rs. 2,999 on Steam.

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Elite: Dangerous Review – Lost in Space

Elite: Dangerous Review - Lost in Space

Area simulation video games have been within the information of late, and never for good causes both. Be it Star Citizen’s lengthy drawn and really public growth controversy, or the underlying sigh that punctuates each show of No Man’s Sky, the actual fact is that these are video games of grand ambition and scale, that need to put you inside an unlimited galaxy to discover and immerse your self in. The sheer scope and measurement is kind of frankly why they haven’t any agency launch date.

After which there’s Elite: Harmful for the Xbox One. Very like the aforementioned video games, it too, is an area simulator. There is not a lot of an underlying narrative or sweeping story. You are thrown into an unlimited open galaxy with a small ship and little or no cash with the target of surviving and maybe even thriving in house. You may resort to piracy, assassinations, buying and selling, and bounty searching amongst different means to get by. And you will not be alone: relying on the way you determine to play, you will occupy the identical house as different actual gamers.

The sport exhibits up on the Xbox One, one after Microsoft introduced at E3 2015 that it could be coming to the console, through its newly instituted Xbox Recreation Preview Program (assume Steam’s Early Entry mannequin however for consoles). Previous to this it was unique to PC after a profitable Kickstarter marketing campaign. Is the sport what you’d anticipate on console? The reply is each sure and no.



Your first few hours of Elite: Harmful are an train in persistence. You may come to phrases with the sport’s management scheme, study the intricacies concerned in touchdown and docking your ship, and expertise dogfights in house. The sport’s tutorials are somewhat sparse. To study fundamental ideas akin to growing and reducing the velocity of your ship, it’s worthwhile to watch movies on YouTube, previous to even taking over the primary tutorial. It is not the best recreation to get into.

Fortunately, the builders have included hyperlinks to YouTube that open in Web Explorer on the Xbox One that will help you get by. Even then, should you have been anticipating a easy, free flowing introduction to house, you would possibly need to mood your expectations and put together to be schooled. When you’re completed greedy the fundamentals, you are flung into house, randomly spawning on one of many many star techniques in-game. Begin by launching your ship out from an area station, or participating enemy fighters, or plying a commerce route, and you will realise the sheer scale of the sport.

Huge swathes of house occupy a big chunk of the proceedings. You may spend at the least 10 to 15 minutes attending to your vacation spot, and once you do, you will need to discover even additional to search out precisely what you are on the lookout for, whether or not you are searching pirates, or delivering supplies. You actually really feel the sense of scale because of the space. Elite: Harmful is about in a close to reproduction of the Milky Method with its 400 billion star techniques full with asteroids, planets, and procedurally generated occasions.


With the sport providing you with such a large space to traverse, it is easy to get overwhelmed or misplaced. And also you typically will probably be misplaced. As a rule, the easiest way to play Elite: Harmful is with lots of warning. To start with, taking over a bunch of small duties and slowly buying higher weapons and ship components is a shrewd transfer. Mixed with the gradual tempo of missions (because of the time it takes to journey from one a part of the galaxy to a different) the sport shortly devolves into tedium.

Nonetheless it is the form of grinding gameplay that had us coming again for extra. You see, Elite: Harmful is steeped intimately. From the immense quantity of data you’ll be able to glean through the various menus in your ship, to the bulletin boards of its quite a few house ports that hold you abreast of what is going on on throughout star techniques, you actually really feel like a speck in a grand, dwelling, respiration cosmos.

At occasions you are a speck firing laser beams. Whilst you can peacefully get by in Elite: Harmful by plying as an area service provider, the fight is exhilarating. There’s an emphasis on shifting energy distribution on the proper time. So if you end up in the back of an opposing vessel, diverting your energy to weapons means that you can hit it with a deadly barrage of photographs that may yield a straightforward victory. On the run from persistent house pirates? Divert energy to your engines for a speedy escape.


Fight is when Elite: Harmful really comes alive, and that is one thing creator Frontier Developments understands. A lot in order that it has included a multiplayer fight element for gamers to participate in. Dubbed the CQC Championship (CQC stands for Shut Quarters Fight) this mode has you pilot ships in small confined zones, akin to asteroid belts, seeking to get the higher of your opposition. Right here everybody has related ships with a couple of tweaks to account for various weaponry.

For many half it performs like a twitchy, fast-paced counterpart to the gradual, deliberate fight of the primary recreation. It is simple to get into and sports activities the same old multiplayer modes we all know and love akin to deathmatch, group deathmatch, and seize the flag. Our expertise in CQC Championship has been easy and if that adjustments drastically post-release we’ll replace our evaluate accordingly.


Very like Diablo three on PC, Elite: Harmful is all the time on-line. Whereas this could be a deal breaker for some, particularly in nations like India the place Web entry is not the best, it is a necessity to forestall gamers from dishonest since they share the identical recreation world. You would possibly surprise how this might impression a closed system just like the Xbox One, it is as a result of the PC and Xbox One model will share the identical narrative, economic system, diplomacy and galactic energy states, all of which could be affected and influenced by gamers on all platforms. Having considered one of them offline upsets the imaginative and prescient of a shared universe.

With a improbable sense of scale, consideration to element, nice fight, and an bold imaginative and prescient of a shared universe make Elite: Harmful effectively price testing. However its let down by punishing opening hours and tedious pacing. In the event you can abdomen these, you will discover a whole cosmos begging to be explored.


  • Epic sense of scale
  • Area fight is enjoyable
  • Nice consideration to element


  • Robust to get into
  • Missions really feel dragged out
  • Gradual pacing

Score (out of 10): 7

We performed a evaluate copy of Elite: Harmful on the Xbox One, it is out there digitally on the Xbox Recreation Retailer at Rs. 1,540 and is a 5.32GB obtain.

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BioShock Collection Headed to PS4 and Xbox One: Report

BioShock Collection Headed to PS4 and Xbox One: Report

The entire BioShock franchise is already in development for backwards compatibility on the Xbox One, but you might be able to purchase the game for both current gen-consoles if reports are to be believed.

(Also see: Microsoft Changes How Xbox One Backward Compatibility Titles Are Released)

The series found life in 2007 on Windows PCs and Xbox 360, and has since then been released for PlayStation 3 among other desktop OSes and iOS devices. But on Friday, the Ministério da Justiça – Brazil's ministry of justice – rated BioShock: The Collection as "not recommended for minors under 18" for all major video game platforms, including PC, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, and Xbox 360 and Xbox One; it was first spotted by video gaming blog VG247. What this can mean is that the series has been remastered for today's consoles, and might see release in the near future.

At the same time, one needs to be wary of any rumours regarding 2K Games and BioShock. That's considering BioShock: The Collection made a brief appearance at a digital retail platform as early as last September with an expected release date of 27 November 2015, but nothing eventually came out of that.

For what it's worth, the Brazilian rating board has inadvertently revealed similar information in the past. Upcoming third-person shooter Quantum Break was imagined to be an Xbox One exclusive until this month's official announcement of a computer version, but the Ministério da Justiça had declared and published a rating for both the Xbox One and PC version towards the end of January. The rating was removed soon after, leading people to think it was a mistake but a PC version did indeed exist as is now known.

(Also see: Quantum Break for PC Shows the Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few)

This could all be nothing, but keep an eye here and we'll be sure to let you know what becomes of the matter.

Would you be interested in playing BioShock, BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite on your PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? Or are you an Xbox One owner who will be happy with the backward compatible version? Tweet to us @Gadgets360 with #BioShock or let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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