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Huawei Ascend P7 Sapphire Edition is almost here

Huawei Ascend

Huawei is expected to announce that its latest smartphone will be bringing a super strong sapphire screen, soon.

The Huawei Ascend P7 Sapphire Edition should not only sport the second strongest material on the planet protecting its screen but should also come with 4G LTE.

The phone will be available soon in China with details expected to be announced shortly.

We’re almost used to seeing smashed front screens on phones now despite Corning’s Gorilla Glass strength. Sapphire glass is often used on the small lens over a phone’s rear camera. This is why it’s so rare to find a scratch on the lens that would ruin photos.

Other manufacturers are expected to start using sapphire glass too including Apple on its new iPhone 6. The use of this strong glass also comes at a time when smartwatches are beginning to enter the mainstream – also needing sapphire protection.

Huawei recently announced its Ascend P7 Arsenal Edition smartphone which came with Arsenal football club markings as well as special Arsenal wallpapers.

If this new P7 has the same specs as previous editions we can expect it to come packinga 5-inch, 1080p screen. Inside should be a quad-core 1.8GHz Cortex-A9 processor backed by 2GB of RAM and 16GB storage plus microSD to 64GB. The rear should boast a 13-megapixel autofocus camera with LED while the front will have an impressive 8-megapixels for high-resolution selfies.

Huawei Ascend


iPhone 6S

Some people look a bit unkindly on the so-referred to as “S” years — these years when Apple updates the iPhone, however doesn’t change how it looks, after which sells that even as secretly engaged on whatever flashier with the intention to debut 12 months later, i don’t think that is precisely fair. those “S” years are when Apple provides some of its most priceless points. Siri? touch identification? each useful additions to the iPhone platform that have considering grown in significance. This yr we get 3D touch, a potentially top notch option to interact with iPhones. the object is, a gadget’s valued at is not just tied up in one feature: it’s about how all these moving ingredients work collectively.

iPhone 6S

That’s why the new 6s and 6s Plus (starting at $649 and $749, respectively, for 16GB units) are such excellent telephones. The blend of so much-extended hardware and some polished program makes this 12 months’s unencumber excess of only a modest refresh.


  • 3D Touch is a smart, helpful addition
  • First-rate performance
  • Improved cameras
  • Touch ID is faster and more accurate


  • Lacks optical image stabilization
  • Live Photos are hit-or-miss
  • Base model still only has 16GB of storage
  • Touch ID can be overly sensitive

The iPhone 6s keeps the same design as the iPhone 6, however packs better cameras, a snappier processor and 3D contact, a shrewd new solution to get things executed in fewer steps. beyond that, the blend of iOS 9 and a few good-built hardware support makes the 6s one of the vital exceptional iPhones ever made… even though we want it had some of the 6s Plus’ niceties.

Kazam Tornado 348

Kazam Tornado 348

You may not of heard of the ambitious cell up, however Kazam has bought itself the headline grabbing accolade of “world’s slimmest smartphone” with its trendy supplying, the Kazam twister 348.

It is a record the organization claims it’s not going to rave about, rather it says it wishes to keep things simple and gimmick-free, although I find that just a little difficult to feel as that is simply what the title it can be claiming is.

The Kazam twister 348 is deliberate to contact down within the UK and any other European markets on November 15 bearing a SIM-free cost tag of £249 – which sounds moderately reasonable.

For that you simply get a 4.8-inch 720p display, 1.7GHz octa-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of inner storage, 8MP rear camera, 5MP entrance snapper and Android 4.four.2.

There is no microSD slot, so you would find storage a little limited in case you have a tremendous music collection or like enjoying games on your mobilephone, however Kazam does throw in a free display alternative in the event you wreck it inside the primary three hundred and sixty five days of ownership.

Take one seem on the twister 348 and you’ll be able to be struck by that unmistakable feeling of deja vu… where have you ever visible this phone before?

It looks remarkably similar to Apple’s new iPhone 6, plus some features such as the association of the camera and flash on the rear mimic that of the Sony Xperia Z3.

Kazam has proven that the core design of the handset used to be created with the aid of a 3rd get together seller in China, which matches some strategy to explaining the familiar aesthetics on show right here.

Sitting on a desk the twister 348 does look professional, this is not only a low priced hunk of non-descript plastic which decorated previous gadgets by way of Kazam.

I was surprised simply how mild the tornado 348 was once when I picked it up. At just 95.5g it is one of the crucial lightest smartphones available on the market, and if whatever it feels just a bit too lightweight.

Couple that with a plastic-feeling (but absolutely glass) rear and the twister 348 feels slightly toyish within the hand – there is no reassuring heft to let you know that that is certainly a piece of tech you’re maintaining.

A saving grace is the metal band which runs round the circumference of the device in a identical trend to the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, and while this supplies a extra top class conclude it fails to consider as just right within the hand as its extra expensive opponents.

That stated, I did find it sat nicely in the hand, with the scale and weight ensuring my palm had no quandary getting to grips with the handset and achieving the power/lock and quantity rocker on the left of the gadget.

Kazam has opted to stick to contact-sensitive navigations keys under the screen, rather than sticking them on the show and they are handy enough to hit.

On the correct you’ll discover a microSIM tray, while the headphone port is placed on the bottom (just like on the iPhone) along with the microUSB port and inside speaker.


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Kazam Tornado 348

Looking for Signs That Apple’s Runaway Growth Is Waning

Looking for Signs That Apple's Runaway Growth Is Waning

Investors have long relied on Apple to deliver one crucial attribute: growth. Now they are beginning to wonder whether Apple’s days as a growth stock are coming to an end.

With sales increases of Apple’s prime product, the iPhone, projected to decelerate, and no clear new blockbuster device on the horizon, the era of the company’s producing 50 or 60 percent annual revenue growth may be on the wane. When Apple reports earnings Tuesday, investors will be scouring the results for signs of how fast that downshift is happening.

Already, some investors have begun to treat Apple in a new way: as a “value” stock, a label typically attached to companies that generate predictable business results or a reliable dividend, rather than ones that deliver runaway revenue growth. Value stocks often command much lower valuations than growth stocks.

“People were in love with Apple because hits like the iPod and iPhone created phenomenal growth,” said Ernesto Ramos, a fund manager at BMO Global Asset Management, which manages $18 billion and counts Apple as its largest holding. “As investors shifted their minds around the fact that it’s no longer going to deliver the same sort of huge growth over the next five years, the stock became a value play.”

Ramos says his firm still owns Apple in some of its growth funds, but it began including the stock in value funds in mid-2013.

The change has important implications for Apple. While a technology-sector company like Netflix is regarded as a growth stock because its revenue grew 22.8 percent in the most recent quarter from the previous year, value stocks include aging tech giants like Cisco, Oracle and Intel. Being lumped in with those behemoths would be a perception shift for Apple.

Beyond that, switching from being a growth stock to being a value stock can be a long and painful process. Growth investors need to sell a company’s shares and drive down the price until it is low enough to tempt value investors, who buy stocks they think are cheap compared with the intrinsic value of the company. In the tech industry, a shift from growth to value also often signals to investors that a company is facing newer competitors with more innovative products, raising the question of how relevant the company can remain.

“Investors don’t like to see the words tech and value combined because when growth slows at a tech company, it usually means that something essentially is not working,” said Angelo Zino, a senior analyst at the research firm S&P Capital IQ.

A spokeswoman for Apple declined to comment.

Any change would have repercussions beyond Apple because its soaring performance in recent years helped lift the broader market. If Apple shares were removed from the equation, the performance of the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index in five of the last seven years would drop by about 1 percentage point, according to data from S&P Dow Jones Indices. In 2014, for instance, the index rose 13.7 percent with Apple and 12.9 percent without Apple.

The Apple effect is even more pronounced when technology names are isolated. For tech stocks on the S&P 500 as a group, annual gain in 2009 declined by 6 percentage points when Apple shares were not included, dropping to 56 percent from 62 percent.

Apple’s effect became more muted last year as the company’s growth decelerated, according to the data.

Investors have turned to Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet, which owns Google – collectively referred to as the FANG stocks – for growth. Those companies are each expected to show annual revenue gains of 23 to 40 percent for the last three months of 2015, while Apple is projected to deliver 3 percent revenue growth, according to Bloomberg data.

Ramos says companies like Amazon have bigger growth potential for his fund than Apple, though he plans to continue owning shares in the iPhone maker.

“Amazon will see about 20 percent revenue growth, and earnings per share are expected to jump considerably,” he said. “This is a very strong growth story.”

Apple’s shares have already been buffeted in recent months because of worries about the slowing economy in China, which the company counts as one of its largest markets. Half a dozen companies that provide parts for the iPhone also blamed weak demand from Apple for lower-than-expected earnings, causing worries about the company’s sales trajectory.

In total, Apple shares fell 4.7 percent in 2015. So far this year, they are down 3.7 percent, while the S&P 500 is down 6.7 percent. Alphabet is now within spitting distance of overtaking Apple as the world’s biggest company by market capitalization.

“If you wanted to outperform the market, the FANG stocks did better,” said Jonathan Krinsky, an analyst at the research and trading firm MKM Partners, though he added that Apple remained a must-watch stock because it composed such a large part of many stock indexes.

Investors may still someday reanoint Apple as a growth stock, especially if the company can create a best-selling new product that drives up its sales rate. Wall Street analysts cite Microsoft as an example of a business that lost steam and then made the adjustments necessary to deliver strong revenue growth again.

And Apple may have some product aces up its sleeve. The company entered wearable computing last year with the Apple Watch. Apple is also trying to become a dominant software platform in the auto industry and is working on a car. (An executive who was overseeing the car project, Steve Zadesky, is leaving the company for personal reasons, according to a person with knowledge of the matter, who asked to remain anonymous because the details are private. The Wall Street Journal earlier reported on the departure.)

Apple has been reclassified as a value stock before. FTSE Russell, which makes several closely followed stock indexes, found in 2013 that Apple no longer met its criteria to be treated purely as a growth stock. Some of the company’s enormous market capitalization was reallocated to the Russell Value Index, as well as being in the Russell Growth Index. A year later, when the company’s sales had risen strongly with the introduction of the iPhone 6, FTSE Russell placed Apple solely back in the growth index.

Tom Goodwin, FTSE Russell’s senior research director, said that stock price, sales growth and analyst expectations determine whether a company is placed in the growth or value index, or in both. About a third of the stocks that Russell tracks are included in both indexes, he said.

But until Apple reveals another hit or shows a significant pickup in iPhone sales growth, Apple should be viewed as a value-oriented name, said Zino of S&P Capital IQ.

“Historically Apple was the name to own if you wanted to outperform the market,” he said. “Now there are other places to look.”

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iPhone Error 53: Apple Wants a Monopoly on Repairs, Says iFixit

iPhone Error 53: Apple Wants a Monopoly on Repairs, Says iFixit

Apple is facing heat from furious customers over bricked iPhone models. For more than a year, the Cupertino-based company has been disabling iPhone models upon detecting an unauthorised or third-party service on the smartphone, specifically related to Touch ID or Apple Pay components. The company says it does so only to ensure that a user’s security isn’t compromised. But the issue goes far beyond that, says gadget-repair site iFixit, adding that Apple wants a monopoly on iPhone repairs by blocking third-party repair services.

Kyle Wiens, co-founder of iFixit, has refuted Apple’s claim that the iPhone is only disabled when a third-party uses non-genuine parts as the replacement for various iPhone components. Talking to Gadgets 360, Wiens noted that the ‘Error 53’ issue occurs with genuine Apple parts as well.

“For the record, the issue isn’t non-genuine parts or independent repair. The ‘Error 53’ happens with Apple parts as well,” Wiens told Gadgets 360. “[…] You could swap the flex cables [manufactured by Apple] between two brand new iPhone 6’s and run into the same problem.”

Apple noted last week that the fingerprint data on an iPhone utilises a “secure enclave”, which is uniquely paired to the Touch ID sensor. It is only when an iPhone is serviced by an authorised Apple service provider or at an Apple retail store that the pairing is re-validated. “This security measure is necessary to protect your device and prevent a fraudulent Touch ID sensor from being used. If a customer encounters Error 53, we encourage them to contact Apple Support,” the company said.

The problem is a syncing issue, iFixit says. Apple hasn’t provided third-party manufacturers with the tool that is required to synchronise new parts with people’s phones. Wiens added that Apple wants a monopoly on the repair of its products. “Manufacturers using their monopoly to block third party repair isn’t a new issue — auto manufacturers have also tried to lock out local mechanics. It took ‘Right to Repair’ legislation to force the automakers to do the same thing. Hopefully Apple is savvier than they were.”

The issue largely affects the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models that have gotten their Touch ID or display and other components repaired or replaced by a third-party. Apple is disables such iPhone models alongside iOS software updates. Users are also furious because Apple isn’t giving them a warning before disabling their iPhone.

“This has created such a furore that Apple is going to have to respond to this. […] They need to give owners the ability to re-calibrate their phones after parts have been installed. This has long been an issue with the Touch ID sensor, but Error 53 made it a lot worse.”

People continue to go to third-party service providers to get their iPhone fixed. Besides getting a component repaired for significantly less cost, some users also have to rely on non-authorised repair shops because there isn’t an authorised Apple store at a nearby place.

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