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Sony MDR-XB950BT headphone

Sony MDR-XB950BT

Being a musician, I’m continually looking for the excellent sound, that superb balance of bass, treble and mids. I used to be just a little skeptical when I obtained the Sony XB950BT headphones to check. when I saw additional Bass written throughout the large Sony box, I imagined this could be standard bass-boost fare. I could add that i am a video editor, and so I used to be watching at these headphones from the factor of how good it helps me obtain the ultimate to-visual stability.

The headphones come neatly packed in a sturdy field with the usual micro-USB charging cable and a 1.2mm cable. The black matte finish with streaks of muted red around the cans give these headphones a demure sense of sophistication. not like different flashy, brightly-colored over-priced headphones these don’t draw the eye out, as an alternative they only make a tremendous deal of the ear and therein lies all the difference. Given the average Indian trip, with its dust and filth, any vivid colour goes to seem pale and dirty within weeks. The metal grey band with padding for head help makes it a at ease wear.

The ergonomic ear-pads are cozy and believe me when I say this. I commonly sit down and work on video edits for 4-5 hour stretches. These headphones are over-the-ear cans which are very nice to put on unlike some sick designed pieces which end up hurting the ear greater than making it a enjoyable expertise.

The headphone ear-portions swivel fully on their axis to make it effectively foldable. once I used to be now not utilizing them it was once convenient to hold them round my neck, folded-up flat, cans down – makes the entire change while using the packed-out Metro.

The headphones have a volume toggle, a play/pause toggle, a bass-improve button, a micro-USB port, a EP in and a built-in mic all neatly situated on the edge of the headphone can hiding it from undeniable sight yet making it effortlessly accessible.

I put this headphone piece by means of quite a lot of levels of sound mixes and song genres. I used to be keen to peer how it will participate in in interplay with more than a few environs with differing decibel levels of noise.

Sitting in office, I started off by way of playing Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E minor, a ritual I comply with when trying out new headphones. inside the first 7 minutes of the primary movement, I knew that this set was not going to disappoint. by means of the arpeggios of the soloist and the swaying tempo, each instrument in the track was clearly and uniquely decipherable, rich and in full tone, an awfully enjoyable expertise.

Via different genres of the quiet understated folks songwriter, unbiased song and bass heavy hip-hop tracks I liked what I used to be listening to. via all of the tracks that I performed – guitar heavy rock, the gentle-nuanced notes of the upright bass or the crisp shrill notes of the trumpet, this headphone set delivered clear, processed wealthy sound. Coming to vocal heavy music, i tried it with Allegri’s ‘Miserere mei, Deus’ a piece written for 2 choirs, an a cappella type.

It delivered, rendering superb clear tones, giving that mild bass undertone when the male choir kicked in. The efficiency on this track fairly had me impressed.

On the trip back dwelling, I took an auto for the duration of height-hour traffic and did a road-experiment of sorts.

The headphones gave clear smooth wealthy sound, even delivering powerful tones for tender jazz pieces for the period of the loud hustle-bustle of 6.30pm Outer Ring street visitors. There’s an additional rationalization though. at the same time this headphone is apt-
X suitable ( aptX is an audio codec which is designed to encode a CD best/44.1kHz audio flow without a loss in first-rate by way of a high knowledge switch price) my MacBook pro ( OS X Mavericks) is using a SBC audio codec. I’m nonetheless trying to figure how you can exchange the codec to apt-X. I also discovered that the Nexus 5 which I notably use for music is just not apt-X compatible too ( as far as i know).

I located the bass-increase button a bit of redundant. Out of the two weeks that I used the headphones I didn’t once want the bass-raise. rather when I tried it out, the bass-enhance simply seemed like a badly equalised bass player, alarmes drowning out the readability and sharpness of the entire monitor. This bass-improve is valuable only in circumstances where the track will not be equalized properly, like dwelling-recordings, etc.


There are some disorders I located while utilizing the headphones. whilst enhancing a video task for a mobile-overview, I observed that there was once a common latency. in the beginning I although it was once simply as a result of a gradual render however after I regarded closely I found that have been was once a 7-10 frame lag. this is very likely because of the onboard processing.


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Sony MDR-XB950BT

Sony MDR-ZX110 Review

Sony MDR-ZX110 Review

When it comes to name recognition and market reach, few audio manufacturers can match the Sony’s capabilities. Using a brand name that has been carefully built up over the decades, Sony is one of a handful of companies in India that can sell headphones by the thousand. This is thanks to a huge portfolio spanning various price ranges, from as little as Rs. 590, going up to Rs. 41,990.

One of Sony’s most popular on-ear models is also one of its cheapest: the Rs. 990 MDR-ZX110. Boasting Sony’s iconic design, the ZX110 is a budget champion and one of the best selling personal audio products in India. Can Sony deliver at such a low budget? We find out in our review.


Design, specifications and comfort
The Sony MDR-ZX110 looks fancy and expensive from a distance, with a combination of matte and gloss finishes on the body that comes across as more premium than anything else we’ve seen at this price. However, up close it feels strictly budget. The plastic is flimsy and bendy, and does not look or feel like it can take too much abuse, so careful handling is advised.

This headset has a rather unique folding mechanism that allows the ear cups to twist inwards, into the headband. This makes the MDR-ZX110 a bit easier to store when not in use. Apart from this, the Sony MDR-ZX110 has 30mm dynamic drivers, with a frequency response range of 12-22,000Hz, 24Ohms impedance and a sensitivity rating of 98dB. The MDR-ZX110 doesn’t have an inline mic or remote control, but Sony does sell a nearly identical model, the MDR-ZX110AP which does, for Rs. 700 more.

The ear cups have very slight padding, which is enough for an acceptably comfortable on-ear fit. The headband has no cushioning, but is designed well and feels secure and comfortable in place. The MDR-ZX110 also has a thick, tough cable that looks like it can take a fair bit of strain. Past the Y-splitter, the 1.2m cable splits into two separate and somewhat flat cables that aren’t quite as sturdy as the lower half. The design and thickness makes the cable somewhat tangle resistant, and extremely resistant to cable noise. On the whole, apart from the flimsiness, we’re happy with how the Sony MDR-ZX110 looks and feels.


With the Sony MDR-ZX110 being an entry-level on-ear headset, we did most of our testing using an Android smartphone. We also tried it with our Fiio X1 high-resolution audio player and a Windows laptop. Focus tracks for the review were BT’s Somnambulist, Skrillex and Diplo’s To U, and Passenger’s Circles.

Starting with the bass-heavy Somnambulist, we found that the Sony MDR-ZX110 had a meaty sound, with lots of emphasis on low-end attack. The bass can occasionally be overpowering, but is usually controlled thanks to the not-so-tight fit. The sonic signature has been tuned toward promoting the lows, and this makes for a very warm sound. This also tends to show a bit in the lower-mid ranges, but there is a clear sensitivity drop towards the upper end of the frequency range.


Next, we cued up To U, which despite being a dubstep track, has plenty to offer in terms of the mid-range and detail. While the Sony headset is impressive in low-end detail, it seems to trail off going up the range. The result is a sound that isn’t quite as open and detailed as we’d like, even at this price. Other products such as the Sennheiser HD180 offer better levels of detail at this price, so the MDR-ZX110 isn’t something we’d recommend if you’re looking for sonic clarity.

Finally, with Circles, we kept our ears open for imaging and soundstaging. While the Sony offers a full and aggressive presentation in the sound, it falls a bit short in terms of openness and width. The sonic stage feels narrow and specific, rather than properly spread out. However, the MDR-ZX110 certainly does its bit to make your music immersive and entertaining, especially if you like your headphones bassy and aggressive.


The Sony MDR-ZX110 might look good and carry forward the typical aesthetic that makes Sony a popular headphone option, but it falls a bit short in terms of build quality. It feels cheap and we were always worried about damage during our time with the review unit. However, it offers an immersive, full sound that excels in its handling of bass. Detail and clarity suffer a bit, but bass-heads will not find too much to complain about at this price. If you’re looking for a pair of on-ears with serious attack and drive at under Rs. 1,000, the Sony MDR-ZX110 should be on your wish list.

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B&W P3

Brighton-centered soundmeisters Bowers & Wilkins’ first pair of cans, the P5s, have been as trendy as they have been satisfactory, however B&W hasn’t rested on its laurels.

no longer simplest are the brand new P3 on-ears more developed and more transportable, they’re also extra low-cost. I don’t don’t forget a pair of cans as fashionable as these; they’re glamourous with out being gauche, and at the same time they appear soft they’re surprisingly strong.

Lightweight substances, a foldable design and the neat elevate case make them pleasant for commuting too. Oh, and they additionally sound best – all punch, sparkle and solidity. Bass is deep and weighty however not on the cost of mid-variety element or clarity.

The fact that two cables come in the box – one with a mic and remote for iPhones and one without – best sweetens the already candy floss-like deal.


B&W P3


Skullcandy PLYR1

Skullcandy PLYR1

Skullcandy PLYR1

So, i made a decisionit had been time to shop for a vicereceiver I might use with my consoles. I’ve ne’er used one with my PS3 / PS4, until now. I even haveassociate degree ancient inventive Fatal1ty H-1000 that i have beenvictimization for years for my laptop, that has performed properly in stereo sound, however I requiredone thing….more.I researched heavily and locateda reallybig variety of opinions and set ups, from earphone / mixamp combos to easy USB connections and that iall over up going with the favored Skullcandy PLYR1. Reviews from gamers United Nations agency have expertise with high finish and middle tier headsets claim its on par with a number of the dearer setups in sound and overall useablity.Starting with the worthI purchased mine from Bestbuy.com for $129.99 in black. they’reconjointlyobtainable in white, thatsquare measure equally awfultrying. Retail worth is $179.99, essentiallyall over, howeveryou ought to check all over for an acquisitionjust like the one I snagged.

Pictured here is that the headphones resting on the stand / wireless transmitter. Everything is extremely low profile and takes up littlehouse. The stand is matte black on the edgesand will resist dirtas good as. The forward facing edge is shiny plastic, therefore if you do not like dirt on your stuff, you willgot to wipe it each once in an exceedinglywhereas. to this pointthereforesensible.
Skullcandy PLYR1

Skullcandy PLYR1

This is a read of the rear of the stand / transmitter. From prime to bottom:earpiece button: Used for pairing to headphones, virtually like BluetoothPower Button: Turns the unit on or off.

Auxiliary Jack: this is often for three.5mm cables to insert from your phone, iPod, iPhone and transmit to telephone receiver. CABLE NOT INCLUDED!!!!! They enclosedAN XBOX Live cable thatappearance similar howeverwon’tmatch. you would like a male to male three.5mm Aux cable.

Optical Out: Used as a passthrough, just in case your optical jack is being employed by one thing. Wont want it if your PS3/PS4’s optical jack within the back isn’tbeing employed.

Optical IN: Run optical cable from this jack to the rear of your Playstation. Optical cable is enclosed.

USB Port: This USB is employed to charge your telephone receiver. Run this enclosed USB cable (shorter one) to the telephone receiver to charge.

Power Connector: Use the longer USB cable and plug it from this port to your Playstion to offer the transmitter power. i feel chat audio additionally goes through this affiliation, therefore it ought to be necessary.

Connections took a pair of minutes, then five minutes of checking for mistakes!

Here is that this control board of the receiverThe power button glows white once on, and is unlit once off. Theres atiny low orange lightweight to the correct of the ability lightweight that glows once charging.The volume controls area unit taking a minute to urge accustomed. you’ll management Voice chat and game volume on it joystick, therefore typically you may end up lowering voice chat rather than game chat. you have got to play with it to urge it right while not trying.Behind the correct earcup you’ll see slightly slider button. this can be accustomed switch between three Audio Presets.

Skullcandy PLYR1

Position one (Bass Mode) very helps with sure music, like serious rock, rap, and pop. For country and classical, I found Position a pair of higher counting on live concert or cd quality. you may presumably be shift it back and forth to visualize for yourself, however its not a lot of of a pain to try and do therefore and also the modification is instant.

Position a pair of (Supreme Mode) may be a usually flat equalizer, therefore the power isnt irresistible however still thumps and also the highs are available nice and clear.

Position three (Precison) may be a low bass, crisp highs mode, largely used for hearing sounds you may not hear if an excessive amount of bass is pumping. it’s useful for independent agency and hearing footsteps and stuff, however i prefer the more bass from position one and a pair of to form the sport sound feel full. Either way, it provides you a transparent advantage, and makes it very exhausting to urge snuck au courant and knifed!

Skullcandy PLYR1

Lastly, on the rear off the correct earcup area unit 2 further ports. One auxilary for plugging into I assume associate iPhone or alternative sensible device or probably the transmitter. i have not tested it, however it feels like one or this alternative is what its used for. provides you some choices i suppose, if you cant be close to your transmitter. the opposite port is usng for charging, mistreatment the opposite USB cable from the transmitter. Orange lightweight can glow once charging.

Game Test

So far, I actually have tested game sounds for decision of Duty Ghosts, pinball game Arcade, Knack, Resogun, pedestrian (demo) and it performed fabulously all told games. Gun sounds feel authentic, sounds from behind area unit terribly clearly bestowed, despite being virtual surround sound. The earphone uses electrical engineer Prologic decoder to gift seven.1 surround sound and you’ll simply pinpoint a sound in relevancy wherever you hear it from. It truly pretty frickin amazing!


So far I actually have solely tried this with Black Hawk Down and Star Trek in Blu-ray format. Black Hawk down was attractive. you’ll hear belongings you had no plan were aforesaid or exploded. There area unit higher war movies to do out, that i will be able to do terribly shortly. Star Trek was good. The phaser fireplace and explosions measured nice however there wasn’t a lot of within the manner of the “surround” feeling. I dont recognize if it absolutely was the audio mastering of the blu-ray or the receiver, however I ne’er very felt within the middle of it all. a lot of testing required within the flick department.


I’ve solely tested music through Youtube on the PS4 since i am unable to use my very own MP3’s nevertheless and it created Maine happy. Went through a bunch of playlists from serious metal to classical and it performed with bass serious songs and instrumental kind music. I usually unbroken it on Bass mode, since I hear largely rock-and-roll and bass drums very thump with this receiver! i used to be distressed this headset would not have the boom to feed my basshead wants, however it’s Maine sitting pretty right away.


While taking note of music, I went into my room (15 feet away, one wall), I went outside (25 feet, two walls), my space (40ish feet), and into my basement to try and do laundry, all while not skipping a beat, no static or crackle. The vary looks to be strong and consistent all over. Results could terribly however walking round the house whereas keeping the beat going felt liberating.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a play receiver for underneath $150, this is it. easy setup, simple to use, absolutely wireless, superb sound quality and electrical engineer seven.1 surround sound. This receiver has very done the trick on behalf of me and i am excited to do out past and future games with it. I do have a five.1 surround electronic equipment that i will be able to perpetually use for movies except for late night or simply concealed listening, this may be my go-to.

Jaybird X2 Review

Jaybird X2 Review

Demand for wireless headphones is growing, and music-focused stereo Bluetooth headsets are all the rage right now. Thanks to a vast improvement in the quality of Bluetooth audio transmission over the years, it’s now possible to effortlessly stream high-quality sound without any of the typical issues that plagued the early years of wireless audio.

Jaybird, an American company, has already won some praise for its Bluebuds X earphones, and is widely considered among the better audio products for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The newest product in the range is the Rs. 15,999 Jaybird X2, touted by the company as “perfection in wireless sound”. We’re keen to put that claim to the test in our comprehensive review of the Jaybird X2.


Design, specifications and comfort
The Jaybird X2 is a pair of wireless in-ear headphones, with the earbuds connected to each other by a short flat cable that runs behind your neck when worn. The short length of the cable and the fact that it’s flat makes it extremely tangle resistant. Additionally, there is a plastic in-line three-button remote and microphone near the right earbud, which can be used to control the power and Bluetooth pairing settings as well as the volume and calls with a paired smartphone. The headphones are available in six interesting colour options, and our review sample was the fluorescent green ‘Charge’ model, which we feel is the best looking of the lot.

The headphones are powered by 6mm dynamic drivers with 16Ohm impedance and a sensitivity of 103dB. The frequency response ranges from 20-20,000Hz, and passive noise isolation is achieved using in-canal ear tips. Running on Bluetooth 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate, the X2 also supports A2DP, can be paired to and will remember up to eight devices, and will work with a paired device up to 10m away. The headphones are powered by a 100mAh battery with a claimed life of eight hours on a full charge. We generally got over seven hours of usage during our time with the headphones.


The earbuds are plastic, with a dull finish on the outer casings and prominent Jaybird logos on both buds. Under a flap on the right earbud is the Micro-USB port for charging, and the sales package comes with a short USB cable included for this purpose. There is no mains power adapter so you would typically have to use your computer to charge the headset, but Micro-USB Type-B means that you can use practically any modern smartphone charger. The Jaybird X2 is, all in all, eye catching and functional at the same time.

Also included in the package are three pairs of silicone ear tips, three pairs of Comply Sport foam ear tips and three pairs of Jaybird’s ‘ear fins’, which are fitted on the earbuds and help keep them in place even when you’re active. Thanks to their battery and Bluetooth circuitry, these headphones are a lot larger than typical in-ears. As a result, fit won’t be quite as secure and comfortable for everyone. You’ll have to experiment with the ear fins and tips to get the right fit, and even then you might need to make adjustments when moving about, primarily to maintain the sonic isolation and proper positioning of the earphones.


We used an Android smartphone as our source device for the duration of the review of the Jaybird X2, in outdoor and indoor environments. Focus tracks for the review included Dave Horne’s QED, David Bowie’s Let’s Dance and Hindi Sad Diamonds from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack.

We started with QED, a progressive house track with an intense bass line and plenty of drive. The sonic signature of the Jaybird X2 was immediately evident, and it’s one with sensitivity spikes in the mid and upper range. The low end isn’t muted or subdued, but it certainly isn’t as distinct and aggressive as we’d have liked. A little bit of attack would have done a pair of headphones like this a world of good, especially considering that Jaybird wants to push the headset at fitness enthusiasts. Music goes a long way in helping athletes maintain their rhythm and drive, and a stronger low-end would have helped.


Moving on to one of the late David Bowie’s greatest hits, Let’s Dance has a great instrumental riff and beautiful flow. The Jaybird X2 showcases its clarity and quality here, with some rather excellent handling of the busier parts of the track. You get a good sense of separation and three-dimensionality, with the headphones managing to give each individual instrument and element of the track its due recognition. Furthermore, a bit of attack in the treble gives the sonic signature a subtle sharpness, which we liked. The handling of highs and mids is decent, and listeners who are looking for an all-round pleasant sound will enjoy the sonic signature of the Jaybird X2.

Finally, we played the rather powerful Hindi Sad Diamonds. We turned the volume all the way up to maximum on both the smartphone as well as the headphones, and the result was still a bit soft. While the levels will be adequate for most people, the point we’re trying to make here is that the headphones aren’t quite capable of truly loud volumes. Furthermore, playing music at maximum volume puts some amount of strain on the small 6mm drivers, and a bit of distortion and sibilance can be heard as a result. However, with the volume adjusted to slightly below maximum, the sound is suitable for most practical purposes.


The Jaybird X2 is a decent pair of Bluetooth earphones in all ways. Although there are some issues with the snugness of the fit, it’s easy to get used to. Charging is hassle-free, and battery life is better than we’re used to seeing on other wireless in-ear options such as the Jabra Sport Coach and Brainwavz Blu-100.

Sound quality, while not at the same level as the slightly more expensive Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless II, is decent for a pair of in-ears. The low maximum volume might be a negative to some, and the lack of attack in the bass is a slight weakness as well. However, on the whole, the Jaybird is one of the better pairs of wireless in-ears, and offers a premium sound that is pleasing to the ear.

Price (MRP): 15,999


  • Good design
  • Decent mids and highs
  • Comfortable
  • Good battery life for wireless in-ears


  • Fit isn’t always secure
  • Doesn’t go very loud
  • Slightly weak with bass

Ratings (Out of 5)

  • Design: 4
  • Performance: 3.5
  • Value for money: 3
  • Overall: 3.5

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