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Nikon Coolpix L830 Review: Swivel and Zoom

Nikon Coolpix L830 Review

Nikon recently updated its Coolpix range of cameras including the Life (L) series. At the high end of the L series is the Nikon Coolpix L830 which is an update to the Coolpix L820. This is a bridge camera with a 34x optical zoom lens, which is slightly lower than Sony DSC-H300’s 35x optical zoom.

While the Coolpix L830 seems to have a lot going for it, we find out if this camera has the actual chops to capture great images.


Truly bridging the gap between DSLRs and compact digital cameras, the Coolpix L830 is a super-zoom digital camera trapped in a DSLR frame, only much smaller. While it is available in plain black as well as red, the plum colour variant which we got for review is very striking. The body is made entirely of plastic with a glossy coat of paint on top, but it does feel sturdy. On the whole, for the amount it costs, the camera looks premium.

The most striking feature of the camera is the variangle LCD monitor which can be tilted and lowered to an angle of approximately 85 degrees. This makes it easy to capture dramatic shots and we found it useful in awkward situations.


The grip features a rubber padding that makes holding the camera easier. On the flip side, we couldn’t hold the camera properly with both hands, like one would a DSLR, since it has a really small frame. Holding the lens with the other hand was slightly disorienting as either the thumb came in the way of the flash or it got captured by the lens.

You can use the Coolpix L830 easily with a single hand, but its 508g weight (including batteries) makes it slightly unwieldy and this adds to image stabilization issues that are inherent to super-zoom cameras. We feel that the ergonomics are slightly off, though there isn’t much Nikon could have done in this case.

On the top edge is the power button, with the shutter release and zoom ring further forward on the grip. There is also an ugly-looking perforated speaker on the top which detracts from the otherwise decent design of the camera. There is another zoom control on the side of the lens barrel. Right above this is a small button to pop the flash open. On the left edge are the micro-HDMI and proprietary PC connection ports. On the right edge is the DC input connector. The bottom has the tripod socket and the compartment for four AA batteries and a memory card.


Features and specifications
The Nikon Coolpix L830 has a class-standard 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor that can capture images at 16 megapixels. This is a super-zoom camera with a 34x optical zoom lens, which means it can go as far as 765mm on the higher end and as close as 22.5mm on the lower end. The camera operates in the ISO sensitivity range of 125 to 3200.


The L830 can shoot in a variety of modes: Easy Auto, Auto, Special effects, Smart portrait and Scene (which includes Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Night portrait, Party/indoor, Beach, Snow, Sunset, Dusk/dawn, Night landscape, Close-up, Food, Museum, Fireworks show, Black and white copy, Backlighting, Easy panorama and Pet portrait).

While operating the camera, we found that the software buries the scene mode options really deep and it was tough to actually locate them. The software fails a little bit in this respect. Moreover, there are no manual controls at all, which will be a deterrent to users who want a little bit of flexibility in their photography. There is no Wi-Fi connectivity either, which is a bit of a letdown.

The 3-inch TFT LCD has a 921k dot resolution. It has really good viewing angles but the sunlight legibility is just about average.

Despite the small sensor size, it lets in a sufficient amount of light. The focusing ability of the lens in macro mode is not that great, though. In our daylight testing, we found that the camera managed to capture some really good details, even when zoomed in all the way to 34x. Pictures had a good depth of field, too.

When zoomed in, we noticed some amount of noise. Moreover, the photos had an overall cool tonal quality to them. Printing pictures at full resolution might not produce ideal results, but you should be able to get away with 4×5-inch sized prints.


In our more intensive ISO sensitivity test, the camera performs below par as evident from the picture below. Looking closely, it’s possible to discern a small dent in the upper left corner of the image at ISO 125 and ISO 200 which becomes less visible at higher ISO levels. This could also be why we noticed noise in Auto mode, as the camera probably chose higher sensitivity levels to shoot images.


Nikon claims that the camera can go as close as 1cm of the subject in Macro mode. We found it difficult to focus at such close range, but the results were nothing short of stunning. In low light mode, the the L830 does a really decent job by capturing a good amount of light and details, and performs better than many other cameras in the same price range. But please note that you will need a tripod or at least stable hands to capture good shots in the night. The image stabilization is not really good, and we ended up with a lot of blurred shots.

The quality of captured 1080p video was decent and we were pleasantly surprised by the amount of background noise the microphones filtered out, leaving good quality sound. The flash module on the Nikon Coolpix L830 is one of the best we’ve used. It lit up the room evenly and the light wasn’t too harsh either.


We mentioned earlier that the camera uses four AA batteries, which means that battery life and the number of shots will vary according to the type of battery one uses. We used four regular alkaline batteries and got around 80 shots before the battery dipped to 75 percent. Lithium batteries will give you more shots per charge.

This low-end bridge camera is priced at Rs. 15,450 but can be found cheaper online. At this price and with such a great feature set, the camera might look like a killer deal but the slightly high noise levels are a downer. The lack of Wi-Fi is also another letdown.

On the other hand, it captures some decent shots in the night and macro photographs come out well too. We’d suggest picking it up if size and weight are not too much of an issue, and if the you won’t ever need to print banner-sized cutouts. Alternatively, take a look at the Sony DSC-H300 and Canon Powershot SX510.

Price: Rs. 15,450

  • 34x optical zoom lens
  • Good performance in low light
  • Good macro performance


  • Noise even in daylight shots
  • A bit too heavy

Ratings (Out of 5)

  • Build/Design: 3.5
  • Image Quality: 3.5
  • Video: 3.5
  • Battery Life: 3.5
  • Value For money: 4
  • Overall: 3.5

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Canon 760D (Rebel T6s)

Canon 760D


In a move that runs the danger of confusing the market, Canon has introduced 2 upgrades to the Greek deity 700D (EOS Rebel T5i); the 750D and also the 760D (reviewed here). just like the 700D, the 750D and 760D square measure DSLRs in Canon’s ‘beginners’ vary. The 760D is at the highest of the cluster, however below the Canon 70D, that sits at very cheap of the ‘enthusiast-level’ vary.

Known as the Rebel T6s in U.S. territories, the 760D includes aterribly similar specification to the 750D at the side ofa number ofadditionaloptions that impact upon its handling, creating it a lot ofappropriatefor knowledgeable photographers or those wanting flex their artistic muscles.Inside the 760D is that the same twenty four.2-million-effective-pixel CMOS sensing element and Digic vi processor found in each the 750D and also theEosM3. this implies that it conjointly has an equivalent Hybrid CMOS AF III optical device system, which mixessection detection and distinction detection, to be usedonceexploitation Live read mode to compose pictures and video on the most screen on the rear of the camera.In a littlehoweverimportantdistinction from the 750D, the 760 includes a Servo optical devicepossibility in Live read and video mode. oncethis can behand-picked the camera continues to focus the lens for as long because the shutter unleash is depressed half-way. each cameras have a continual AF possibilitywithin the Live read section of the most menu. this can be designed to be used in video mode and to pre-focus once shooting stills as, once activated, focus is adjusted fairly slowly once the shutter unleashis notironed.There’s a nineteen cross-type purposeoptical device system on the marketto be usedonce composing pictureswithin theview finder. oncethis method is in use the camera willchoosethe acceptablepurpose to use mechanically in nineteenpurpose AF mode, or it ishand-picked manually in Zone AF or Single purpose AF mode. There arfive zones on the market for choice in Zone AF mode.When Zone AF mode is ready in Continuous optical device (C-AF) mode, the camera switches mechanically between the AF points at intervalsthe chosen zone. In 19-point C-AF mode the camera follows the topicround the frame, switch between AF points.

Canon 760D

Exposure metering additionally changes relying upon whether or not pictures area unit captured victimisation the view finder or the most screen for composition. In reflex mode (when the view finder is used), the seven60D uses Canon’s new 7,560-pixel RGB and InfraRed metering sensing element. though the seven,560 pixels area unit classified into sixty three segments, they every have their own RGB-IR filter and area unit scan severally, that ought to build the system additional correct than the 700D’s. there is still a weight applied to the brightness of the topic underneath the active AF purpose, however it ought to be higher able to assess the scene as a full and provides a balanced exposure.Like the 750D, the 760D has Wi-Fi property in addition as NFC (Near Field Communication) technology for connecting the camera to a smartphone or pill for device and image sharing. The camera also can be connected to Canon’s Connect Station CS100 for image storage.
Sensitive issue?A few cameras within the USA are found with marks on the sensing element that cannot be cleansed off. Canon USA has issued associate degree consultive notice that states that cameras with serial numbers that begin with 01 or 02 could also be affected. However, cameras and coberturas with those numbers that even have a mark on the within of the battery cowl don’t seem to be affected. Canon can examine probably affected cameras and repair them without charge. Neither the 750D nor the 760D that we have a tendency to used for our tests were affected.

Lytro Camera Review

Review: Lytro Camera

When cameras went from analog to digital, it was one of those once-in-a-generation shifts, like going from black-and-white film to Kodachrome. But whether you’re using a 35-millimeter or a point-and-shoot, the steps you take to shoot a picture have remained the same: you focus on something, then push a button to record the image.
But what if you could take a picture and refocus it after you had taken it? What if, just by clicking around a photo on your computer screen, you could choose which part of the image should be clear and which part should be blurry?

You can with a new camera called Lytro, and it’s astonishing. With a Lytro, you take a picture as you would with any camera, but the digital file it creates can be refocused after the fact.
Inside the Lytro: An example of how the Lytro works can be found here.Inside the Lytro: An example of how the Lytro works can be found here.
This is fairly mind-blowing. Imagine a wedding photo with the bride in the foreground and the wedding party in the background. Click on the bride, and she’s in focus while the bridesmaids are blurry. Click on the groomsmen and the focus shifts to them. Do this over and over all around the frame – the picture readjusts on the fly, smoothly moving from one focal point to another.

The effect makes photography leads almost like cinematography, revealing things vividly in the foreground and background. Refocusing a Lytro image, I felt like one of those C.I.A. agents in the movies who is looking at satellite images and asks some technician to ‘enhance’ the picture until Carlos the Jackal comes into focus.
The Lytro, which began shipping from on Wednesday, can do this because its image sensor captures more data than your standard camera does. Not only does Lytro’s sensor register the usual things – like how bright the incoming light was and what colors it contained – it also knows which direction the light came from. Armed with that information – known among scientists as light-field data – the Lytro’s onboard software can create multiple focal points. A view of the Lytro’s inner workings shows how this array of tiny lenses and microprocessors makes this happen.

This all happens in a camera the size and shape of a stick of butter. It’s an unconventional design, with a lens at one end and a small, iPod-Nano-size touch screen at the other. On the top of the camera is a recessed button for the shutter release and a strip of bumps you slide your finger across to control the 8X optical zoom. On the bottom is a USB port and the power button. It’s a simple and elegant package, but the shape and feel take a little getting used to; you kind of feel like an ship captain of yore with a spotting scope.
The Lytro weighs 7.6 ounces, a bit more than some point-and-shoots, but not so much that you would notice. There’s no removable storage or battery: the camera comes with either eight gigabytes of memory (350 pictures, costing $399) or 16 gigabytes (750 pictures, costing $499). Since the Lytro captures light rays, not pixels, its sensor is rated at ’11 megarays’ (11 million rays) instead of pixels. Both models come with a lithium-ion battery that is good for up to 600 shots between charges, the camera’s maker says.

Like a point-and-shoot, turning on the Lytro is nearly instantaneous; the touch screen comes to life in about a second. That touch screen is one of the Lytro’s weaker points; it’s a little like that Woody Allen joke about the restaurant (‘The food at this place is really terrible. And such small portions!’). After years of viewing large, crisp displays on smartphones and even point-and-shoots, the Lytro’s 1.5-inch LCD screen seems too grainy and small to really get a sense of what you’re shooting.
The Lytro is a new kind of point-and-shoot camera that lets you refocus an image after you have taken it.The camera began shipping on Wednesday.

The touch screen’s interface is more successful. When shooting, swiping up reveals an onscreen panel with battery life and memory-capacity information. Swiping to the right takes you to previously shot images. You can also switch between ‘everyday mode,’ where the refocus range is determined automatically, and ‘creative mode,’ which gives the photographer control over the refocus range. You do have to pick something to be in focus – there’s no ‘all in focus’ feature, though Lytro says a software update will include it later this year.
After a picture has been taken, you can play around with focal points on the camera’s display, but the Lytro’s small LCD doesn’t make that a very pleasurable experience – it’s better to do it on a computer. (Right now, that computer has to be a Mac, because the Lytro is not yet compatible with Windows-run machines; the company says it will have Windows software later this year.)
Taking pictures with the Lytro reveals other benefits besides focusing after the fact. For starters, being able to refocus later means you don’t have to focus now. Since the camera is pulling in multiple focal points all at once, the Lytro doesn’t have the shutter lag point-and-shoots have. It’s not SLR fast, but you can fire away with little delay. My own test measured the Lytro at one shot about every 1.3 seconds.

You can upload photos to your computer via the included USB cable. Bear in mind that Lytro photos don’t leap onto your computer, but rather take more than one minute per shot to be uploaded and processed into clickable, refocusable images. If you’re uploading dozens of photos, go downstairs and make a sandwich, or maybe a cassoulet, while the camera does its thing.
Lytro users also get a free online account to create galleries, share links with friends and post photos to Facebook, Twitter and Lytro’s public page, which is like an in-house version of Flickr. If you’ve ever used any photo-sharing site before, you’ll find that Lytro’s version is simple and straightforward and you’ll understand how it works in about two minutes.
Lytro images are stored as light-field picture files. Anyone with whom you share an lfp file can view it or click around and refocus it, just as you did. It’s like a video you post from YouTube – the recipient doesn’t need any special software; it’s viewable in a Web browser (as you can see here).

Given that a Lytro picture is meant to be played around with, the format is not really intended for printed photos. You can generate a print, but it will be at a fairly low resolution, 1080 by 1080 pixels. That’s good enough for a 3 by 5 or maybe a 5 by 7 print, but anything larger will look grainy.
So the Lytro is an astonishing new technology, presented in a attractive design, with easy-to-use software. But that doesn’t mean you should buy it.
The Lytro has some drawbacks – and not inconsiderable ones. For starters, you can’t share photos while on the go. If you were to tear a Lytro apart, you’d see a dormant Wi-Fi chip inside, so clearly there’s going to be an evolution with some wireless capability. But for now, what happens on a Lytro stays on a Lytro, until you plug it into your computer.
And while refocusing is its own interesting tool, that’s the only tool you have at this point – adding a filter or importing the image into Photoshop remains impossible. Then there’s the price. Four or five hundred dollars is not chump change, even for nonchumps. It’s too expensive for basic photo purposes (that’s what your phone’s camera is for), and professional users will want more control over settings and lenses.

The potential of light-field photography is great – that whole ‘don’t have to focus’ thing is maybe even more impressive than focusing after the fact – but there’s a difference between a great technology and a great product. Should Lytro’s engineers refine light-field photography into something more versatile and cheaper (imagine this on a smartphone), it may turn out to be a game changer.
For now, I tip my hat to the innovators at Lytro, but I’m not opening my wallet.

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The Fujifilm Instax 210 – Polaroids

Fujifilm Instax 210

Fujifilm Instax 210

The Fujifilm Instax 210 Instant icon Camera with its rounded form, easy-to-hold aspect grip and tip governable composite instrument panel, offers vivid, high-quality prints nearly instantly. Its automatically-adjusting flash, high-resolution retracting lens and massive clear view finder add up to unexceeded performance. The compatible Instax Instant Color Film is skilled grade and provides superior performance.

The Fujifilm Instax 210 Instant is usually used for Family photos, Low lightweight and a lot of.The Fujifilm Instax 210 Instant is most utilized by customers WHO think about themselves to be an informal lensman among others.The Fujifilm Instax 210 Instant is standard as a result of customers just like the following qualities of the Fujifilm Instax 210 Instant: simple to use and sensible image quality.

  • LCD control panel displaying focal distance and film count
  • Programmed electronic shutter, 1/64-1/200 sec
  • Automatic flash for low-light shooting
  • Two-range selectable shooting options: 0.9-3m and 3m-Infinity
  • High-speed ISO 800
  • Super-Fine grain
  • Vivid, sharp images
  • Fast developing


This camera may be a ton of fun and simple to use, in spite of its size. however the dimensions isn’t a problem if you’re thinking that regarding it. If you are accustomed carrying around a DSLR, it’s regarding constant size jointly except lighter. The film is slightly larger than Polaroid film, thus a bigger print would want a bigger camera.

The images start up nice. the colours area unit spirited and also the quality is sharp. The camera permits you to settle on the main focus distance of your subject, lighting changes, associate degreed an on/off flash choice. It comes with a lens attachment for stop working shots and a intrinsic mirror for photographing yourself. Connected to the attachment may be a plastic rod that purportedly helps you to center your subject through the finder whereas shooting in macro. it’s useful however inconvenient once inserting your camera and also the attachment during a bag because it may detach.

This camera is definitely worth the purchase for its ability to supply lovely pictures in an immediate.


Although this is often the sole model there’s for immediate footage, besides the minis, it’s a decent obtain. the sensation of taking an image and seeing right once written in a very paper is invaluable.
What is not thus smart concerning it, in my opinion, is its design: it’s too massive and not thus snug. Another issue is that the view-finder is simply too isolated from the lens, that will not show you the precise cut of the image you’ll take. There are not several options within the camera likewise, basically, you purpose and shoot. you can not see the main focus through the view-finder, since it’s no mirror to the lens, thus you have got to decide on from 3 totally different focus vary and guess however distant you’re from the topic and check out it, a minimum of you’ll see if you bought it right directly. Another issue that’s missing, and, for me, it’s extremely unhealthy that they do not have it, is that the feature to show the flash off: you’ll solely set it hearth|to fireside|to fireplace} all the time or to mechanically number plate fire whenever the camera finds it necessary, so, most of the days, I even have to hide the flash with one thing thus it will not interfere within the subject after I don’t need it.

Fujifilm Instax 210

I would suggest this camera to you simply if you would like to own some creative feelings in photography. it’s not smart for actual pictures. But, as I said, it’s nice to visualize the image starting instantly, and therefore the camera encompasses a smart worth.

4 Cut-Throat photography leeds Tactics That Never Fails

Wedding Images And Videography In West Yorkshire
For those who have not already, there’s additionally one other survey available to take about Planeswalker Factors. This reaction is just what Christy Leeds had hoped for 15 years ago and when she and her husband determined to open their 80- acre farm to the public throughout pumpkin season. You may in the end select one among them after assembly them in particular person and analyzing their pictures work bodily. Actually, all through most the seventies the Coal City Giants” finished within the high eight of the NPSL, therefore qualifying for the lucrative BP High Eight event, although no honours got here their approach.

Ship a message under (or name 07796 118308) and I will reply with a quote for natural, participating occasion photography. ALFORD is sadly another one from the archives of the City of London Cemetery, the details I’ve are as follows and I hope that it helps. Paul Kelly’s rescue dog Malcolm wears a Leeds Dog Provide collar and leash in front of a bunch of tires. Since we interview several students in one half day session, try to be ready to be in the Faculty for up to two and a half hours. Will probably be warm inside.. and I can spend some time savoring considered one of my favorite previous times.. nature pictures. We satisfaction ourselves in attaining the finest quality of labor in event pictures and video productions.

I used to be searching for a photographer in Leeds as I wished to provide my boyfriend a professionally made calendar with erotic pictures of myself. In fact, Dave Spink Photography will not be the one firm providing photograph booths, nevertheless, it is professional and efficient service comes highly really useful by its past clients. Neuro linguistic programming training, Leeds or in any a part of the nation, can provde the psychological instruments it’s possible you’ll require so as to change your strategies of communication and for private growth If you happen to want to change any facet of your life or behaviour, then it’s worth your while wanting in to this.


A serious retrospective, Hand to Earth: Andy Goldsworthy: Sculpture: 1976-1990, was held on the Henry Moore Centre for the Research of Sculpture, Leeds City Art Gallery: the show also travelled to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh, Stedelijke Musea, Gouda and Centre Regionald’Art Contemporain Midi-Pyrenees in Toulouse. Dave Spink Images was born in 2009 and in this time it has developed an enviable repute for quality marriage ceremony photography that’s photography leeds affordably priced. No reference to Leeds tourism is complete without a reference to its awesome and excellent museums. Glorious hub….I got just one more 12 months of school left to finish and that is a wrap. Metropolis breaks may be costly, however these actions are great for all the household, all yr spherical.

Yes, it is scorching in the course of the summer season months – but that’s the way I like it. And there are actually many rattlesnakes in our space – but those who keep in the city and suburbs don’t often run throughout them as much as we do in the outskirts. Geographically I’m completely positioned to provide commercial images across the whole of Yorkshire together with Leeds, York, Harrogate, Wakefield, Sheffield, Selby and Castleford. The success of a marriage consists of a constellation of factors amongst them pictures. Mum aged 15, pictured in London, where she met the Queen to hand over a purse of money from the YWCA to help the struggle effort. And naturally standing permits the flexibility of moving with the parade – vital if you want to get the perfect pictures. Groupon is an easy solution to get huge discounts while discovering enjoyable actions in your metropolis.

MJ: My mother was a pianist and a serious culture vulture, she’d drag me alongside to Beckett performs and jazz gigs when I used to be a child, bought me a thirty quid saxophone when I was 12, as soon as I expressed interest. Open to the public since 1976, Leeds has been the positioning for a lot of conferences and governmental conferences and has appeared in several films. Main museums in Leeds include the Thackray Medical Museum depicting the historical past of evolution of surgery throughout the ages, the 18th Century Bronte Parsonage Museum, the Nationwide museum of Images, Movie, and Television, the Ilkley Manor House and Museum, and the Eureka Museum for kids. The principle provider is First Leeds and Arriva Yorkshire serves routes to the south of the city. NDP Studios produce beautiful pictures in our 6000sq ft of studios for advertising and business uses.

Our studios function absolutely equipped kitchen services, an in depth vary of props and backgrounds, established relationships with food stylists and a ardour for creating the very best meals pictures around. Level crossings (gated or barriered) will have traces drawn for approaching site visitors from either aspect to stop at, maybe traces personal the middle of the highway. What’s more, now you can mix wedding photography with cutting-edge Videography that helps you preserve every side of that momentous event. Good luck together with your pictures the spring is just across the corner stay up for seeing some of your pics.

It is vital that the JMC (renamed the Johannesburg Metropolis Council or JCC) was dominated by the UP. The UP was reluctant to implement policies of the NP in Johannesburg, and always sought alternative routes of housing the black population underneath its jurisdiction. This was by no means the reason for the collision course that Dave Motsamai and Orlando Pirates Football Club discovered themselves on. Your wedding ceremony DVD production Leeds will look so brilliant that individuals will not resist watching it from end to finish. In short, Feni’s artwork right now tends to be extra in your face, more driven in its expressionism than that of most of his contemporaries. LCF chief executive Sally-Anne Greenfield mentioned: Town of Leeds may be very diverse and we want to use this competitors to view Leeds by way of the eyes of local folks in all our native communities. That experience taught me far more about teaching than any faculty lectures ever did!

In light of this, we have now mastered the artwork and science of identifying unique opportunities to showcase our prowess in capturing the true essence and character of weddings. Slum clearance within the internal city of Johannesburg started in earnest in 1932 and was completed in 1937, when residents of Prospect Township have been relocated to Orlando. The Golden City of Southern Europe is residence to a number of the greatest seashores in the nation. With some photographer in leeds, they may let you mix and match as part of your marriage ceremony pictures package, for instance, your primary marriage ceremony album can be a coffee type ebook and the dad and mom albums the normal matted type.

The summer time concerts at Temple Newsam are one thing to take pleasure in whereas the pageant of Leeds is a musical bonanza among the world’s prime events, witnessed by 1000’s of people in the last week of August every year. J.R.R. Tolkien, graduate of Exeter Faculty, Oxford, was Reader in English language at the University of Leeds, his family moved to Leeds residing briefly at 5 Holly Financial institution, Headingley after which leasing a house in St Mark’s Terrace. Fairly why this happened, and why they adopted a more sedentary lifestyle with a metropolis capital remains a matter of conjecture, but what is obvious is that the town quickly grew to become a major website.

Mum and Myra were like a couple of youngsters once more when they met – onerous to believe they’d not seen each other for more than forty years! Meanwhile, Lieutenant-General Cromwell marched with 2,000 horse, three regiments of foot and a formidable artillery train to clear remaining Royalist strongholds threatening the street between Bristol and London. If you are all for outdated structure then Parish Church of Saint Peter is a superb place to your marriage ceremony images in Leeds. Under is an example of where wedding pictures can take place and what’s the end result from it. Vicki helped to arrange our Leeds studio in 2005 still continues to be a terrific asset to our team.